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  • The Wizard Was Just A Giant Nintendo Commercial

    Was The Wizard Movie Just A Giant Nintendo Commercial?

    The Wizard came out in 1989 after the ROM chip shortage of 1988. The delay paved the way for Nintendo to publicize the release of a new game through the movie. It is a movie about an introvert and an autistic kid named Jimmy, who is very good at playing video games. Although the movie […] More

  • 5 games that should have been on the SNES Classic Edition

    5 Games That Should Have Been On The SNES Classic

    The is a replica of the 16-bit wonder that was the 1991 Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Running on modern emulation software, the SNES Classic is a nifty little demonstration that Retro is never going to stop being cool. The SNES Classic comes preloaded with 21 of the best games to have graced the console. Fans […] More