Back in 2004, the video game industry was shaken by a small, new device called the Nintendo DS, which to this day remains the best-selling handheld of all time.

But since evolution is the natural progression of things, after 7 years of the DS family, Nintendo decided to create a second line with a special feature as its main attraction: 3D. 

And while it wasn’t as big a revolution as the first DS, the 3DS succeeded, which was its goal. It was only to continue the legacy of the pioneering that came before it, although Nintendo would soon launch another new, groundbreaking machine.

The 3DS family of video game consoles coexisted with the Nintendo Switch for almost 4 years, but that came to an end in late 2020. Nintendo 3DS ended its production in Japan, so no more consoles are manufactured in the country of origin.

Progressively, the console that has given so much joy to its fans has been disappearing and it will be increasingly difficult to buy the product in regular stores. 

Although being a console with so many reissues, you might be lucky to get one. That’s why it’s important to know what a Nintendo 3DS is worth in 2023 and the main differences between each version.

What Is A Nintendo 3DS Worth Today? (All 3DS Versions)

There are many different versions of the 3DS and each one has its special features, but if you want to play it safe, with $150 you can get the first versions that came to market. That would be used but in good condition. With the original box, be prepared to spend over $200.

For the latest versions of the 3DS, prices range from $150 to $200, and may even exceed that amount. If you want the original box, prices range from $270 to $315. 

As always, brand new and sealed units are worth a small fortune starting at a minimum amount of $350 for the original 3DS, all the way up to over $450 for the latest versions. 

With this information clear, let’s move on to analyze each console and its prices.

How much does an original Nintendo 3DS cost today?

In today’s market, the cost of an original Nintendo 3DS is around $80 to $120 depending on the version. That is the price for a used 3DS in good condition.

On release, the starting price was $250 when the original 3DS hit the market in early 2011 to maintain Nintendo’s reign in the market, improving on what it had already achieved in previous handheld consoles. 

The Nintendo 3DS offers a unique experience because of its ease of processing and displaying 3D graphics without the need for special glasses, something that was difficult to achieve at the time and was its biggest hook for gamers. This technology was called “autostereoscopic”, and it can be activated/deactivated according to the player’s tastes. 

In addition, it has other functions exclusive to the 3DS family that squeeze the juice out of the 3D world.

Thus, the console has some preinstalled applications such as Face Raiders, AR Games, the 3D Photo and Video editor, and other apps that are an alternative and fun alternative to the classic games of any DS. 

Another addition was StreetPass, the software that allows all users to connect. This application is directly complemented by others such as Mii Editor, Mii Photo, Mii Plaza, Mii Rescue, Mii Conquest, and many more.

And of course, it includes the basic Browser functions along with YouTube and even Netflix depending on the country you are in. 

It seems like I’m forgetting about the technical performance of the console, but we all know that, at the time, this new line of consoles revolutionized the way they made DS games. Not only are they eye-catching to take advantage of 3D, but they are much bigger and more complex thanks to the console’s powerful processor.

eBay: With around $80-$120 you can get a unit in good condition, while in its original box, it does not exceed $200. Sealed consoles range between $300 and $350.

Amazon: used Nintendo 3DS consoles in good condition range from $150.

How much is a Nintendo 3DS XL worth today?

In today’s market, the cost of a Nintendo 3DS XL is around $150 to $180 depending on the version. That is the price for a used 3DS XL in good condition.

As with its previous DS family, the Japanese company launched the 3DS XL in 2012 with a price tag of $200, a handheld game console that pushes its specifications to the max in terms of design and execution so that gamers can experience a new level of interaction with the immense library of games and special apps.

This console has all the specifications of its predecessor, except for a larger design that allows for better interaction with the buttons and game graphics. In addition, it has an anti-fingerprint and anti-slip finish that is marketed in a variety of colors to choose from.

All in all, the 3DS XL is perfect for gamers who want to get the most out of the experience with a larger size and more space for 3D graphics to glimpse.

eBay: units in good condition range from $150-$180, while in their original box, they can be worth between $250 and $300. Most new consoles are special editions worth between $400 and $500 for the cheapest ones.

Amazon: with $200, you can get a console in good condition.

How much is a Nintendo 2DS worth today?

In today’s market, the cost of a Nintendo 2DS is around $100 depending on the version. That is the price for a used 2DS in good condition with the box.

At the end of 2013, the Nintendo 2DS was released with a price of $130: a console that maintained most of the internal specifications of its predecessor, except for a renewed design that omitted the possibility of folding it, redistributed the position of some buttons and eliminated the option of reproducing 3D graphics for 2D ones.

A Nintendo 2DS Costs Around 100 Dollars

This redesign was due to complaints from parents that the 3D graphics made their children dizzy. Therefore, Nintendo launched this game console for younger gamers who are just starting to interact with this type of equipment.

For some, the 2DS was seen as a step backward, but within a few months, its technical specifications, its compatibility with a wide range of games, its ergonomics, and the comfort provided by the equipment at the time of use contributed to its acceptance in the industry.

What is most striking about the 2DS is its slate-like design, eliminating the hinges that characterize the DS. Though thanks to its straight design, the two screens convey a more spacious feel.

Thanks to the rounded edges, the top L and R triggers are much easier to access, improving response times in some games.

Many critics consider the console as a model that rescues the retro philosophy and combines it with modern software. Undoubtedly, the perfect gift for a child.

eBay: in good condition, they average $100 and with their original box they reach up to $180. As for new consoles, their minimum price is $250. 

Amazon: used consoles go for between $140 and $160, while new ones go for up to $500.

How much is a New Nintendo 3DS worth today?

In today’s market, the cost of a New Nintendo 3DS is around $180 to $200 depending on the version. That is the price for a used New 3DS in good condition.

With a starting price of $220 at the end of 2015, the New Nintendo 3DS seemed like just another reissue of the console, but the truth is that it does offer significant improvements over previous models.

One of the main innovations is in its front-facing camera, which can detect the position of the player’s head and adjust the image so that the 3D effect is not as easily lost as in previous models. The improvement has less to do with a greater depth of image and more to do with a more stable and comfortable 3D effect to play with.

There is also the new C-Stick button, something that was highly requested by fans and perhaps the most visible element at first glance. This button is mainly used to rotate the camera in games featuring three-dimensional worlds, i.e. it serves the same function as the right analog stick on the controllers of home consoles.

In terms of technical power, the New 3DS boasts a higher visual load, faster loading times, and as well as longer battery life.

Leaving aside the internal changes, the New 3DS also boasts some new features on the outside, such as rounded edges that make it much more comfortable. 

Although the most striking feature is the possibility of changing the shell of the console in the small model as if it were a phone case, expanding the customization capacity for each user. 

All in all, the New 3DS lives up to its name by presenting the almost definitive console in this line of devices.

eBay: consoles in better condition range from $180-$200, while with its packaging it goes up to $350. As for sealed units, prices start at $450.

Amazon: the few units available average $350.

How much is a Nintendo New 3DS XL worth today?

In today’s market, the cost of a Nintendo New 3DS XL is around $220 to $240 depending on the version. That is the price for a used New 3DS XL in good condition.

On par with its original model, the New 3DS XL hit stores in 2015 with a price tag of $200. As is customary with Nintendo, what already worked needs to be made bigger, so this console is exactly that.

Despite its large size, it offers a lot of comfort in the hands, as the weight is adjusted enough so that the console doesn’t feel fragile to the touch but is still easy to handle during prolonged gaming sessions. 

A 3DS XL is more expensive if it comes with games and accessories

In terms of design, it is quite similar to the 3DS XL only a few grams lighter and adding a few more hours of battery life, plus all the special features of the New 3DS. 

The only thing missing in this version are the interchangeable cases that for some reason Nintendo decided to ignore, but beyond that, the New 3DS XL, in my opinion, is the definitive experience of this line of consoles.

eBay: units in good condition and with some accessories range between $220 and $240. On the other hand, its original box is much rarer to get, so prices start at $400. New consoles average $600.

Amazon: most of the consoles are refurbished and in good condition, so they almost reach $400.

How much is a Nintendo New 2DS XL worth today?

In today’s market, the cost of a Nintendo New 2DS XL is around $180 depending on the version. That is the price for a used New 2DS XL in good condition.

With the arrival of the Switch in 2017, many believed that no more 3DS consoles would be released, but Nintendo surprised everyone with its latest bullet: the New Nintendo 2DS XL (I realize how long the name is).

This console arrived in the middle of the year with a price of $200, boasting a change in the screen, 82% larger than the conventional models but maintaining the same quality, brightness, and resolution of 400×240 per screen. 

With New Nintendo 2DS XL you have a machine just as powerful as the New 3DS XL but without 3D and cheaper. In turn, also the lid closure of the new design, more buttons, and better power with a slightly higher price than the 2DS.

Despite being a 3DS XL in design, the weight of the device is the same as the 2DS, which is 260 grams, while the 3DS XL weighs 328 grams. Another highlight is that there are finally dual stereo speakers, plus the box included the power charger, something that was sold separately on the 3DS XL.

It did not enjoy the popularity in the market of its sister consoles, but at least it did meet the needs of children to give them a better experience compared to the first 2DS.

eBay: the general average is $180 for consoles in good condition, and with its factory box, prices start at $240. On the other hand, sealed units are worth at least $350.

Amazon: in good condition, it’s worth just over $200, while special editions are worth double that.

Limited Editions of The Nintendo 3DS

Being a newer line than the original DS, special editions of the 3DS are more common in the market, with a good variety depending on which version you want to purchase.

Nintendo 3DS:

  • The Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversary: Probably the most popular limited edition of this console. In online stores, you can find it for around $250 in its original box and in good condition. Sealed copies exceed $1000.
  • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: The console by itself goes up to $150, but in its original box, it exceeds $300.
  • Fire Emblem Kakusei: In good condition, you can get it for around $200, while with its original packaging, it ranges around $450.

Nintendo 3DS XL:

  • Pikachu Edition: the console by itself doesn’t go below $400, and fully sealed it goes for up to $1000.
  • New Super Mario Bros.: at around $350 units in excellent condition, while new consoles range up to $900.
  • Animal Crossing: by itself, the console averages $200. On the other hand, the cheapest sealed unit is $2500.
  • Charizard Edition: at $250 for most consoles in good condition, and $3000 for a sealed one.

Nintendo 2DS:

  • Mario Kart 7: used consoles in good condition range from $150, while sealed consoles go for $1000.
  • Pocket Monster Red: units in their original box average $350, while new editions go up to $1500.

New Nintendo 3DS:

  • Super Mario Black & White: Overall, the two versions in excellent condition average $300, while sealed boxes top $2500.
  • Groudon Pokemon Center Edition: there are only two brand new consoles valued at just over $1000.

Nintendo New 3DS XL:

  • SNES Edition: Being such a limited edition, just the console alone is worth up to $600, while sealed it ranges from $3000 to $4000.
  • The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: in good condition, it can be worth $250, with its original box up to $500, and new editions don’t go over $2000.

New Nintendo 2DS XL:

  • PokeBall Edition: on its own, it ranges from $300, with its original packaging up to $650 and sealed versions exceed $1500.
  • Minecraft Creeper Edition: for less than $200, you can get one in good condition, although for a little more than $400 you can buy a console in its packaging.

Which 3DS Version Is Best For You?

With 6 different models in total, it can be complicated to choose one, but the truth is that all of them are quite enjoyable, although if you want a quick rundown of what I think, here we go! 

Nintendo 3DS

As always, the original will always have that nostalgia factor to its value, but it lags in all aspects compared to the others. Because of its processor, it is slower for games, and its battery doesn’t last long. If you want a precious piece in your collection, then this is your option, but if what you want is to get all the juice out of the console, you will have to keep looking.

Nintendo 3DS XL

This is where you started to notice a huge jump in battery life, with up to 6 hours in 3DS games and 10 in normal games. However, the processor is still the same as the previous one, although the console makes up for it with its larger size and comfort in the hands.

Nintendo 2DS

This console, apart from having a resemblance to a GameBoy, does not fold like the rest of the 3DS line, but when it comes to holding it in your hands, it fits perfectly. So in ergonomics, I dare say this is one of the best for gaming, and its 5-6 hour battery life is not bad at all.

Although it was launched as a console for kids and is still perfect for them, you can’t pass up a 2DS if you don’t care for the 3D features.

Nintendo New 3DS

As mentioned before, the main attraction of this console was some new buttons and a much more powerful processor, and even its screens are slightly larger than the original. In addition, its battery life exceeds 6 hours of fun.

Nintendo New 3DS XL

The New 3DS XL is the definitive console of its line, with a large but comfortable size and a battery that averages 8-12 hours.

All the improvements included in the previous one are even more enjoyable in the New Nintendo 3DS XL, with sharper graphics and fast charging times. Maybe one of the most expensive, but worth every penny.

Nintendo New 2DS XL

With this model, we have back the possibility of closing the lid, only with a different mechanism. Although in technical aspects it is quite good, the materials with which it is made are cheaper, something that is quite noticeable to the touch.

As for battery life, it ranges from 7-9 hours. The bad thing about this console today is that it has been revalued quite a lot, so if you want one of these, it is preferable to save a little more and buy a New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Where is the Best Place To Sell Your Nintendo 3DS?

If you are looking to sell your 3DS for a fair price, online marketplaces like eBay or a private sale will net you the most money. If you want to sell it fast your can try GameStop or a pawn shop but expect to get much less then what it is actually worth.

Thoughts On The Market Price Of The Nintendo 3DS

With a catalog of exclusive games, the 3DS is still worth the asking price. Regardless of which version appeals to you and suits your wallet, the fun is more than assured with these consoles although they are not as iconic as the original DS family, they are much more powerful and boast an extensive catalog with quality gems you can’t get anywhere else.

So if you’re looking into buying a Nintendo 3DS, there is not a better time to grab one because the longer you wait, the more you should expect to pay.