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  • When Is Beetlejuice 2 Release Date


    When Is BeetleJuice 2 Coming Out?

    Beetlejuice 2 does not have a set release date. Although everyone involved in the original Beetlejuice have shown an interest in a sequel, the movie has not been officially confirmed by the studio. More

  • Why did Superman have his own peanut butter


    Why Did Superman Have His Own Peanut Butter?

    One of the most iconic superhero characters in the world is Superman. His first comic book appearance was in 1938. Since then he has appeared in every form of media from radio, to movies, to video games. Over the years, many celebrities have carried the baton to play the role of Superman. It has become […] More

  • 5 Best Ninja Movies From The 80s

    5 Best Ninja Movies From The 80s

    while some of these Hollywood Ninja movies were admittedly bad, most of these movies were a great deal of fun and well worth your time if you give them a chance. More

  • Best Wrestling Heels of the Early 80s

    10 Best Wrestling Heels of the Early 80s

    In wrestling, the role of a heel is fundamental for the success of the show. The bad guy must be hated, he must become public enemy number one and push people to cheer on the good guy. Just as much of the audience is there to see them get defeated and humiliated as are there […] More

  • The Wizard Was Just A Giant Nintendo Commercial

    Was The Wizard Movie Just A Giant Nintendo Commercial?

    The Wizard came out in 1989 after the ROM chip shortage of 1988. The delay paved the way for Nintendo to publicize the release of a new game through the movie. It is a movie about an introvert and an autistic kid named Jimmy, who is very good at playing video games. Although the movie […] More

  • Transformers Vs Gobots Compared

    GoBots vs Transformers : An 80s Robot Showdown

    Let’s play some Jeopardy! The category is Animated Series From The 80s! This Hanna-Barbera produced animated series that followed the confrontation of two factions of sentient robots across the planet Gobtron. These factions, known as the heroic Guardians and the evil Renegades, battled for dominance over the entire galaxy. In this series, the fight spreads […] More

  • Best Summer Toys Of The 1980s

    5 Best Summer Toys Of The 80s

    Most kids did not have to be told to go outside and get some fresh air, it is what we did.

    Whether in your own backyard, on the street, or at the park, there was always plenty to do, and when there wasn’t, we made our own fun. More

  • 80s Cartoons Made For Girls That Boys Secretly Watched

    5 Girl Cartoons From the 80s (That Boys Secretly Watched)

    I am not being sexist, but some cartoons were targeting boys, and some girls. But as I am sure some girls loved the Transformers and He-man, equally, guys were secretly watching (and enjoying) cartoons, they probably were not talking about in the… More

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