The Mega Man series is one of the most loved franchises for the original Nintendo platforms.

One of the most unique aspects of the games is the ability to tackle the many bosses in any order that you want and no other first-party Nintendo game really let you do that before.

You can ask multiple gamers what order to beat a Mega Man game and you will get different answers about the early levels while most will agree on the difficult levels that should happen later.

The whole reason for this dispute is that when you beat a boss in Mega Man, you gain their power attack and some levels will require powers or weapons you earned from the earlier bosses.

Mega Man 2 is no different. You can jump, zip, and shoot your way through the levels a thousand times, but if you are choosing random stages, you may be making it hard on yourself. 

Let us help you avoid wasting time and go over Mega Man 2 boss order which will give you the easiest path to completing Mega Man 2.

Here Is The Mega Man 2 Boss Order

  • Metal Man
  • Air Man
  • Flash Man
  • Wood Man
  • Quick Man
  • Crash Man
  • Bubble Man
  • Heat Man

By our standards, this is the best Mega Man 2 boss order if you want to beat the game with ease. but there is more to finishing the game than just knowing what order to beat the bosses. If you want to beat Mega Man 2, you have to know how each power-up will help you to defeat the next boss. So let’s discuss.

The Best Order To Beat The Bosses In Mega Man 2

Metal Man

Metal Man

Nine out of ten people will say you should go after Metal Man first. Metal Man will throw blades at you and you will get this ability when you defeat him. He is super easy to beat and his ability will be helpful along the way. Just use your buster gun to take him out.

Air Man

Air Man

This is where everyone has a different opinion on whom you should tackle next. But we choose Air Man. Air Man will throw tornadoes at you and these small tornados will also protect him from your shots.

The other opinion is to hit up Wood Man first as the leaf cannon works very well here. To be honest you can use your normal arm cannon just as well. The trick is just to get behind Air Man for an easy win.

Flash Man

Flash Man

Flash Man is weak to the Crash Bomber which requires you to pass Crash Man first. What most people don’t know is Flash Man has a second weakness. His second weakness is the blades you can throw when you defeat Metal Man.

The advantage of using Metal Man’s ability over Crash Man’s is you do not have to risk getting close to him to land your attacks making it much easier to stay alive.

Wood Man

Wood Man

We suggest you use the Metal Blades in this boss fight as well, as it allows you to keep your distance.

It is worth noting that this is not this robot master’s biggest weakness despite what most people think. There is a different attack that can drop Wood Man’s energy quicker.

Shooting a fully charged Atomic Fire can simply destroy him on normal mode. All you need to do is charge it up when he activates the leaf shield. But getting the Atomic Fire from Heat Man can be a bit tricky so we are saving him for a bit later.

The Metal Blade attack isn’t as strong as we would like, but we still think it is the best attack to get through Wood Man with ease.

Quick Man

Quick Man

This is considered one of the hardest boss fights in the game. However, if you are following this Mega Man 2 boss order then you should have the Time Stopper you received from Flash Man. This weapon will make the fight against Quick Man a lot easier.

If you use Time Stopper right away, it will not kill him. Quick Man will still have half his health. But with only half a life tank left you should be able to wrap things.

Atomic Fire does work best here but since we have not defeated Heat Man yet just use whatever else you have in your arsenal.

Crash Man

Crash Man

While this level takes some time to beat, it’s not due to the difficulty. Keep in mind that Mega Man is a hard game but it is the fun type of hard. Climb a ladder, jump on a moving platform, fall, then start again. You will need patience here.

When you finally reach Crash man, you are set. You can kill him with only four hits if you use the Air shooter. This boss doesn’t have a real pattern but he can be finished off quite easily.

Bubble Man

Bubble Man

This is the only underwater stage in Mega Man 2. When you meet Bubble Man, he will attack you by throwing bubbles at you. The Metal Blade shot will be enough to defeat him with ease.

Heat Man

Heat Man

Just like Quick Man, this is considered one of the hardest stages in the game. However, the second robot master you defeated (Air Man) will equip you with the edge you need to make this stage easier. That is Transport Item 2.

If you have Transport Item 2, then a lot of the platforming jumps in this level will be no challenge at all. The Bubble Lead you received from Bubble Man’s stage won’t cause as much damage as you want but it will be enough to defeat him.

This is the recommended Mega Man 2 boss order. Depending on whom you ask, you will get different answers with a few similarities. But because this is a “choose your own adventure” type of game, there is no right or wrong answer. We are just trying to provide players with the easiest route to the final with Dr. Wily and his alien friend.

Here are some other things to keep in mind.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Mega Man 2?

A standard run of Mega Man 2 takes 3 hours to beat. The world record time is 26 minutes and 34 seconds to complete from when “game start” appears on the screen to the final hit. That’s Fast!

Who Should You Fight First in Mega Man 2?

You should always fight Metal Man first when playing Mega Man 2. The Metal Blade you receive for defeating him is not only effective against serval bosses but can also be used to fight your way through regular enemies.

Who Is The Easiest Boss In Mega Man 2?

Air Man is the easiest boss to beat in Mega Man 2. You can effectively beat him with only the standard blaster in just a few seconds. Wood Man would be another contender if you have the Atomic Fire, as this boss is an easy one-hit kill on normal difficulty.

Who Is The Hardest Boss In Mega Man 2?

Quick Man is the hardest boss in Mega Man 2 with Heat Man coming in as a close second. Some may consider Heat Man harder, and I would not argue with them. Both of these bosses are the hardest in the game.

Dr Wily The Final Boss in Mega Man 2