Since their origin in the late 50s as a comic book series and their worldwide explosion with the animated series of the 80s, the Smurfs are one of the most recognizable icons of popular culture. 

But beyond the fascinating world in which they live and their incredible adventures, since there is only one female smurf, fans of the cartoon show have a question that has haunted their minds since the 80s…

How Are Smurfs Born?

Smurfs are asexual, although there are “males” and “females”. The general concept is that every night when there is a blue moon, a stork brings baby Smurfs to the village from somewhere in the forest.  

But that’s not the only way Smurfs come into this world because Smurfette, the princess of Smurf Village, was created by Gargamel using blue clay to create jealousy among the Smurfs who had never seen a woman before.

Papa Smurf’s magic managed to redirect her to the path of good, and since then, the Smurfs see her as a member of their family. 

Speaking of Papa Smurf, by his name you would say that he can also reproduce, but this is not the case. He is the leader of Smurf Village and the father figure of his little creatures, but not even his powerful magic can recreate what Gargamel did.

Alternate Theories To The Origins Of Smurfs

As usual, fans never accept an explanation as ambiguous as that one, and there are other questions. How did the village fill up with so many Smurfs? Did Papa Smurf take care of each baby Smurf as the stork brought them? This is probably the case, although there are some Internet theories worth reviewing.

Getting back to the subject of Smurfette, we know that her appearance caused quite a stir among the male Smurfs, although are they male? Beyond their voices and facial expressions, the Smurfs we know so well could be asexual by the appearance of their bodies, and that is why they reacted with surprise to a female with defined features.

Another theory is that male Smurfs exist somewhere in the immense forest and live with the female Smurfs, and they physically reproduce the same way as humans, but give birth to both sexed and asexual children. The latter are sent by the stork to Papa Smurf’s village, and so the cycle repeats. 

I know, it’s a bit far-fetched at first glance, but if we pay more attention, we realize that the main Smurf characters develop a marked personality or hobby to differentiate themselves given their asexuality. The sad part of this theory is that the characters we love so much will have no offspring, so the village is doomed to extinction…

That’s why I like this last theory better, which explains that the Smurfs are magical creations born from the positive essence of nature itself. It lines up with their love for the forest and how they defend it. Therefore, it could be said that baby smurfs are brought into this world thanks to the goodness and magic that surrounds them.

A baby Smurf fresh from the stork

So Smurfs Are Brought By The Stork…

I hope these explanations, although some of them are too creative, have helped you to answer that question that every Smurfs fan has asked themself sometime over the years. And while it is well established that baby smurfs are not born but brought to the Smurf  Village from an unknown location by the stork, it leaves the question, where does the stork get them?

If we can all agree on one thing, it is the cartoonist Peyo, who gave birth to the Smurfs, a franchise that continues to add more little blue creatures that brighten up our lives.