As we well know, the Transformers series exploded in popularity thanks to the BayVerse movies, but since the 80s, these “Robots In Disguise” have been among us with countless toys, comics, and animated series, making up an entire multiverse.

It is in that vast infinity in which the Autobots fight for good, against the Decepticons who want to destroy everything, but beyond moral issues, there are many powerful Transformers characters in this franchise.

So, who is the strongest Transformer of all? Well, we are not only going to answer that question, but we are going to review…

The 10 Most Powerful Transformers Characters Ranked

Shockwave (Decepticon)

We start with one of the most beloved Decepticons by fans since his debut in Generation One. Shockwave is one of the most imposing, intimidating, and formidable Transformers of all time thanks to his coldness and logical ability. He is possibly the most “robot” of them all, but that is precisely the source of his enormous power.

Whether in comics, animated series, or live-action movies, Shockwave has always been a force to be reckoned. In the few cases where he has been defeated, it’s because so many Autobots have had to join forces to match him.

That’s why he became Megatron’s second-in-command in Generation One, being his perfect successor, and could even surpass him since Megatron often makes mistakes because he is too emotional, a concept that is alien to Shockwave.

As a curious fact, this Decepticon is an Action Master, that is, a Transformer who gave up his ability to transform and instead, preferred to pair up with a living weapon.

That’s right, a weapon that can transform into a robot and anchor itself to another is crazy. In Shockwave’s case, he shares a bond with Fistfight, a light rifle with strong homicidal tendencies.

In the BayVerse, Shockwave was considered for the role of the villain in “Dark Side of the Moon” but as we know, Sentinel Prime was the chosen one. However, Shockwave had more than outstanding participation along with his pet Driller, and the only way to defeat him was with a joint attack between the military, the Autobots, and the Wreckers.

Grimlock (Dinobot)

The leader of the Dinobots and their most powerful member, although we all know him better as the metallic T-Rex. Grimlock has been a recurring character in the franchise’s comics, series, and video games.

However, in the live-action films, he only had a really important role in “Age of Extinction”, when Optimus Prime turns him into his war mount.

And that’s quite curious because originally, Grimlock doesn’t get along with the Autobots at all, despite being the leader of one of their subdivisions.

This Dinobot can become one of the least reasonable, to the point that you could mistake him for a Decepticon, but Grimlock makes something very clear and that is that he hates those who abuse his power.

On more than one occasion, he has had violent encounters with Optimus Prime, as he is not afraid to confront him, but it is still a rivalry with respect, like Captain America and Iron Man.

Grimlock debuted in Generation One as an invention of Wheeljack and Ratchet based on dinosaur fossils. While he initially seemed like an experiment gone somewhat awry, Grimlock has become one of the most powerful Transformers in the franchise and a serious contender for leadership of the Autobots when Optimus Prime is absent.

Although his record of war crimes isn’t the best…

Devastator (Decepticon)

I have to say that the movie adaptation of “Revenge of The Fallen” was one of the ones that made the biggest impact on me, even though it was a bit far from the original design. They gave it a much more beastly look and a very well-crafted scene.

The BayVerse may have taken too many liberties in their stories, but the CGI and action scenes never fail to amaze, and Devastator sure shined at the time.

This original Generation One Decepticon was created by the Constructicons as a weapon of mass destruction, so don’t expect much talk from him. 

Instead of transforming into a vehicle like most cybertronians, Devastator is combiner, composed of 6 robots that serve as its limbs, forming a massive body that is almost impossible to knock over. Basically, he’s the Hulk of the Transformers universe, but without a scientific side, just SMASH!

Going back to his audiovisual adaptations, Devastator almost wiped out the entire Dinobots troop in the 1986 animated film, and what about his participation in the BayVerse with that weapon that almost sucked up the entire Egyptian desert. 

The only thing I regret about this character was the script decided to kill him, but even so, in the comics and video games he has remained as one of the most powerful Decepticons. 

Omega Supreme (Autobot)

If we are talking about size, Omega Supreme is one of the most colossal, so much so that in its alternate form it is an air base of the Autobots, and for that very reason, it is the emergency option if things get too ugly for our heroes.

Its height of over 60 meters and that’s not the only thing that works in its favor, as its laser cannons are quite destructive.

To give you an idea of his power, he nearly killed Megatron on one occasion, squashing him like a cockroach in the Fall of Cybertron game.

What separates him from Devastator from the Decepticons, though, is that Omega Supreme is not limited to being just a fighting machine. As much as he destroys, he also cares for his fellow humans, and his ship form has saved the Autobots on more than one occasion.

Of course, it’s not surprising that such a colossal character hasn’t been adapted into live-action movies, but hope is the last thing to be lost. Although he’s a Transformer of few words, I’m sure Omega Supreme will steal everyone’s heart with his loyalty and companionship.

Except if you’re a Decepticon fan, you’re probably not going to like him.

Megatron (Decepticon) 

The character who always finds a way to come back from the dead, but let’s face it, we all love the different versions of the Decepticon leader and eternal enemy of the Autobots.

Although Optimus Prime most of the time manages to overcome him, Megatron has defeated him on one occasion or another, like in Generation One where he leaves him on the verge of death, or in Revenge of the Fallen where he does succeed, albeit in a dirty way. I consider that scene to be one of the most shocking in the life of every Transformers fan, I will never forget it.

But beyond his immense brute strength and incredibly powerful blaster, the reason Megatron became the powerful leader of the Decepticons was because of his past as a fierce gladiator who earned the loyalty of many Cybertronians in his origin according to the Marvel Transformer comics.

In other stories, he takes on the mantle of Megatronus, the Prime who betrayed his brothers out of ambition and founded the Decepticons. But whatever the origin, Megatron is always depicted with an unquenchable thirst for power, planning to lay the universe at his feet.

Rarely seen without his lackeys Starscream and Soundwave, his anger issues and towering pride have caused him to screw up a few times, but no matter who the villain of the day is, the arch-nemesis of the Autobots and Optimus Prime will always be Megatron… or Galvatron…

Galvatron (Decepticon)

Ok, at first glance it seems almost the same since he is a resurrected version of Megatron, but he has his own history and power levels.

For example, in Generation One we find one of his most powerful adaptations, reaching the point of defeating Ultra Magnus, one of the highest-ranking Autobots. Later in the series, he continued to star in many incredible action scenes, making it quite clear that he is a superior version of Megatron.

In the films, Galvatron is born thanks to the company KSI, and boy, did they go overboard with his design, as he can transform as if he were liquid matter. Not even two missiles from Optimus Prime could do anything to him.

And don’t even get me started on the central reactor that Optimus naively tried to attack as if it were his Spark. Being a Devastator-like device, it just swallowed Optimus’ weaponry like it was nothing.

Galvatron is the ultimate Decepticon.

Metroplex (Autobot)

Did you think Omega Supreme is the biggest Autobot? Well, as unbelievable as it sounds, it’s in second place, because Metroplex, who is able to transform into a city. Yes, a city where you can live perfectly fine, just pray it doesn’t transform without warning.

To give you a better idea of its size, Metroplex was depicted in all its glory in the video game Fall of Cybertron, and Optimus looked like a toy in the palm of his hand. Just imagine something like that in the movies…

Metroplex is one of the most feared and most unbalanced Autobots in terms of power. Many times he doesn’t even have to make an effort, with one step he can solve many problems, although he always has his 3 living components to help him: Six-Gun, Slammer, and Scamper.

But a hero would only be complete with an archenemy, and Metroplex’s villain is Godzilla himself… Ok, not exactly, but his design is very much based on the most famous kaiju in history.

We are talking about Trypticon, the Decepticon Titan, and the only one who can stand up to Metroplex, but the latter almost always manages to defeat him, besides being a very unbalanced Transformer, which is why he doesn’t make this list.

We can only be thankful that someone as judicious as Metroplex is one of the good guys, or else he would be a giant headache for the Autobots.

Optimus Prime (Autobot)

What to say about this character that hasn’t already been said?

The best leader of the Autobots, a great example of heroism, and an icon of popular culture. Whether it’s comics, cartoons, games, or all the Transformers movies, Optimus Prime has always shined.

While he may not have been the most powerful Autobot, he makes up for it with his great intellect and genius ability to strategize. No matter how big the Decepticon threat seems to be, Optimus is always there to save the day, even if he has to give up his life for victory.

Although in most of his adaptations, we see his great power, I dare say that the live-action films did an incredible job in showing how much this character imposes, a true executioner of Decepticons, even though as the saga progressed, he became more sinister. All for the cause!

Although in the first film, he needed some help to defeat Megatron, he did not stop evolving in the following ones, killing The Fallen and other powerful Decepticons in his jet mode, because yes, the only thing stronger than a normal Optimus Prime is a flying Optimus Prime.

Commander, warrior, friend, and hero… Those are the powers that best define the most popular Transformer to date, and without a doubt, the noblest of them all. He is rarely surpassed in power, but rest assured that Optimus will fight to the end.


With these last two positions, we move from the conventional characters in the Transformers franchise to ultra-powerful entities that are considered god-like in their universe, although they also can transform into a robotic body.

In this case, we have Unicron, the Destroyer of Worlds, who in both his robot and planet form is extremely powerful, even consuming other planets as if they were snacks.

Although he is not a Decepticon, he tends to employ them to carry out his ends of mass destruction, as life and the continued expansion of the multiverse is something that has bothered him since his birth at the beginning of time. 

In his mechanical planet form, he has been able to swallow entire systems, so it is not very common to see him fight, not even giving his enemies a chance.

He will not stop until he becomes the center of existence again, a state of peace that only lasted a short time after the arrival of Primus, his archenemy.

As a fun fact, in the BayVerse it’s revealed that Earth, our precious home, is Unicron in its alternate form, which could give us an epic battle ahead between the Autobots and Decepticons, and the greatest threat they’ve ever faced including the adaptations in other media.

Unicron is Chaos and Evil made god, and that’s why he’s the most destructive and unstoppable foe among the Transformers, but that doesn’t mean he’s the most powerful, or at least, the one who has used his powers much more creatively.


The Lord of Order and the creator of the Transformers must be in the first place. Better known as the planet Cybertron, Primus is an ancient being born millions of years ago at the beginning of time and is the guardian of the vast growing universe, so his main goal is to keep Unicron at bay because they can hardly defeat each other.

This is why, as a protector of life, Primus gave birth to the race of Cybertronians and gave them some of his essence within their sparks and the Matrix of Leadership. In addition, as an elite force specialized to defeat Unicron, he created the original 13 Primes, although one went off the rails.

He has rarely been seen in his robot form, although he has done so when absolutely necessary as in the animated Unicron Trilogy.

Among his other great assets is his supercomputer called Vector Sigma, which is his brain and Cybertron’s internal mainframe where all information about his race resides.

Unfortunately, in the live-action adaptations, Cybertron is already in its last days, so we may not have the chance to see an epic battle against Unicron.

It is clear that the last 2 on this list are orders of magnitude above the rest, and I think now we can definitively answer,

Who Is The Strongest Transformer?

Primus is the most powerful Transformer and everyone has a part of him in their soul. Even though Unicron is a much better fighter, Primus surpasses him in all other aspects. He is the Alpha and Omega of this multiverse and the origin of the Cybertronians.

There are so many Transformers that did not make it into this list, as is the case of Megatronus, better known as The Fallen, who despite having many abilities, belongs rather to the past of the cybertronian mythology.

In another case, it is well known that Bumblebee does not have as much power as the rest of the characters in the series, but at least in popularity, he surpasses almost all of them thanks to his influence in the movies (if we are talking about personal tastes, Bumblebee would be first).

And so, we end this list of the most powerful Transformers ranked in order of,,, well, my opinion, but the beauty of being human is that we all have different opinions, so feel free to leave your own list in the comments.