Ahh, the Smurfs, those little blue creatures created by Peyo that we all loved growing up.

Whether in their classic comic book format, in cartoons, movies, or in video games, the Smurfs never fail to convey their enormous charisma. But what catalyzed their fame was the animated TV series of the 80s, causing a sensation among millions of children.

And one of the most notable features of the cartoon is its enormous number of Smurf characters, being almost impossible to memorize all their names. That’s why here we bring you a list of 

All The Smurfs Names (From The 80s Cartoon)

Main Smurfs:

  • Papa Smurf: the oldest of them all, the leader of the village, and the father figure of the Smurfs. This little old man of over 500 years watches over the safety of his beloved children. No matter what trouble they get into, Papa Smurf is always there to save them with his magic and wisdom.
  • Smurfette: the princess of Smurf Village. This adorable and adventurous lady is the only female Smurf in the Smurf Village (at least in the first seasons), and unlike her brothers, she was created by the evil Gargamel, in an attempt to infiltrate the Smurfs. Luckily, Papa Smurf corrected her path, turning her into the Smurfette that everyone loves and protects.
  • Grouchy Smurf: Papa Smurf may be the oldest, but Grouchy Smurf is undoubtedly the town grouch, always complaining and with his arms crossed, in contrast to the rest of his cheerful brothers. However, on more than one occasion he showed that his heart was full of kindness… only covered by walls of bitterness.
  • Hefty Smurf: the strongest Smurf and the protector of the village, with a heart tattooed on each arm. And as intimidating as he can be, he uses his strength to protect his siblings. As a quick aside, he was the first one to find Smurfette before her transformation.
  • Clumsy Smurf: Look out, a stone in the road! Ohh, Clumsy already tripped over it. That’s how this Smurf is, falling and dropping things, although his great charisma makes up for his clumsiness.
  • Jokey Smurf: the prankster of the group. He doesn’t care about the tasks and obligations of his brothers, making heavy and complex jokes at the most inopportune moments. With “his gift boxes”, laughter is never lacking.
  • Brainy Smurf: the most intellectual of the village and… a bit unbearable too. Like all geniuses, he has an ego to spare, always claiming to be right and to know more than everyone, even though he often gets them into trouble. Once, in Papa Smurf’s absence, Brainy proclaimed himself king of the village, forcing his brothers to build him a castle. Of course, his reign did not last long, and he ended up recognizing his mistakes.
  • Greedy Smurf: oh, something we all sin, gluttony. This Smurf is the town’s chef Smurf, who can’t resist tasting his own meals and filling his pockets with delicious snacks. However, he is quite generous when the occasion calls for it.
  • Vanity Smurf: a narcissist par excellence, Vanity cannot go out without his hand mirror, for he is the most beautiful smurf he will ever see. And his house is no exception, it’s full of mirrors. Despite her pedantic attitude, he also worries about the safety of his siblings.
  • Handy Smurf: there is nothing that Handy cannot repair and fabricate. More than once, his inventions have saved his brothers in a tight spot. Undoubtedly, one of the most requested Smurfs.
  • Harmony Smurf: the Beethoven of the village… or at least he tries to be. Harmony’s melodies are everything except pleasing to the ear. However, he does not desist in his attempts to improve, even with magic if necessary.
  • Lazy Smurf: the representation of narcolepsy exploited to the maximum. This Smurf takes advantage of any occasion, even while doing homework, to take a good nap.
Can You Name All the Smurfs?

Smurfs of Emotions or Physical Characteristics:

  • Scaredy Smurf: everything scares him, even the fluttering of a butterfly. All the fear that the other Smurfs don’t have in their adventures, Scaredy Smurf absorbed it.
  • Weepy Smurf: poor Smurf, always crying and blaming himself for everything. So much so that he once felt sorry for Gargamel. Every chance is good to shed a few tears and wipe them away with his faithful handkerchief.
  • Nobody Smurf: he is a Smurf with very low self-esteem, who does not identify himself with anything. This changed when he saved his brothers from a goblin who turned them into exaggerations of their names but was defeated when he was confused with Nobody. After this, Nobody was renamed Somebody Smurf.
  • Nosey Smurf: always sticking his nose where it does not belong. Often, his extreme curiosity causes him trouble with his siblings, but he just wants to know.
  • Weakling Smurf: He wears the title of the weakest Smurf with shame. Wanting to increase his strength, Weakling eats “Can Do It Cream”, a jelly made by Papa Smurf to boost his confidence, which gives him enough strength to save his brothers from a tight spot, being named the second strongest Smurf.
  • Dreamy Smurf: this dreamer spends more time in his mind than in real life, imagining that he is traveling to distant galaxies. His illusion is so big that in the “Astro Smurf” episode, his brothers changed the village and disguised themselves as an unknown race so that Dreamy would believe he traveled to another planet.
  • Sloppy Smurf: better not get too close to this one, he must have a peculiar smell. Sloppy has a special fondness for collecting gross things like garbage and rotten food. His clothes are not far behind, being covered in dirt and with holes in them.
  • Sickly Smurf: the hypochondriac of the group, no matter that Papa Smurf and Doctor Smurf tell him that he is not really sick, Sneezy Smurf will not stop shivering and sneezing, covered with his scarf, he is convinced that he suffers from an eternal cold.
  • Tuffy Smurf: Hefty’s main competitor in terms of strength, although a bit more brutish. Tuffy always faces the enemies of the village, so much so that he sometimes causes unnecessary damage, but without any bad intention.
  • Flighty Smurf: He is so indecisive that his occupation is uncertain, he gets distracted by anything and has the memory of a fish.
  • Grandpa Smurf: Actually, there is a Smurf older than Papa Smurf, and it’s his own Papa Smurf, Grandpa Smurf. This centuries-old elder embarked on a 500-year journey to restore the Long Life Stone. Since his return to the village, he is a valued advisor full of incredible stories.
  • Nanny Smurf: of course, there is room for a granny. In one of the last seasons, she made her debut in the animated series. Having a close relationship with Grandpa Smurf, Nanny went out in search of him after the old man went on his long journey, but ended up trapped in a castle. Fortunately, Grandpa along with the Smurfs managed to save her just in time. Since then, she has been the town nanny, baking spicy cakes for her grandchildren.

Task Smurfs:

  • Doctor Smurf: self-proclaimed village healer (although the real one is Papa Smurf), this Smurf does more harm than good with his medicines, but hey, he looks pretty good in his doctor’s outfit.
  • Actor Smurf: formerly the village’s Shy Smurf, he earned the title of actor when he managed to perfectly imitate Poet, Painter, Tailor, and Handy. Since then, he has been the star of stage plays.
  • Poet Smurf: is one of the most striking, because at any moment he raises his voice to recite one of the hundreds of odes he writes, odes to almost anything. A Smurf in love with life, who expresses his gratitude in his lyrics.
  • Painter Smurf: a Smurf who can explode in anger for the sake of his art, protecting his paintings as if they were his children. With his French accent and palette, he is in the constant making of his masterpiece.
  • Tailor Smurf: thanks to him, everyone in the village has his characteristic costume. Tailor has constant work with his brothers, despite the difference between their personalities, he always knows how to dress them, even Wild Smurf.
  • Architect Smurf: the Smurf village designer, this little guy often works with Handy to see his ideas become reality, even though a certain change in the village didn’t go so well on one occasion.
  • Barber Smurf: Smurf whose work is quite limited because his brothers barely have enough hair to cut.
  • Blacksmith Smurf: the master of steel in the Village. Most manual labor is done by Handy, however, from time to time this silent Smurf can be seen in the background working at his anvil.
  • Cobbler Smurf: he is the Smurfs’ shoemaker, whose profession cannot be practiced much since his brothers do not wear shoes as such. Therefore, he considers Smurfette his best customer, the only one who wears his crafts.
  • Editor Smurf: the Smurf in charge of delivering the morning newspaper to everyone in the village.
  • Farmer Smurf: one of the most important villagers, Farmer is in charge of planting and harvesting most of the food consumed by the Smurfs. He knows everything there is to know about his labor, referring to himself as the world’s greatest farmer.
  • Golf Smurf: As his name suggests, he is the Tiger Woods of the village. He singlehandedly discovered how to play golf, and then taught it to his siblings, who gladly received a game other than the traditional Smurfball.
  • Marco Smurf: the most adventurous Smurf, who is rarely in town due to his long and dangerous journeys, forcing his brothers to go out in search of him. With his English hat and his British accent, Marco doesn’t hesitate to go into the unknown, even if there are pirates on the way…
  • Miner Smurf: continuing with the day-to-day work, this Smurf, almost always dirt-stained, spends most of his days extracting minerals from caves.
  • Reporter Smurf: he is the village journalist, armed with his notebook and pencil, he is on the lookout for important events to write up and publish in his newspaper, “The Smurf Tattler”. Come thunder or lightning, no news escapes him.
  • Timber Smurf: a most unique lumberjack, since he can talk to trees and make them obey him. Impatient and hardworking, nothing distracts Timber from his work cutting wood to be used in village constructions.
  • Tracker Smurf: his name does him justice, there is nothing that this Smurf can’t track, whether it is a living being or not, sooner or later he will find it.
  • Sweepy Smurf: a Smurf with an under-flying job, the town’s Chimney Sweep. Responsible for cleaning his siblings’ chimneys, this Smurf is always stuck in some house working.
  • Wooly Smurf: the closest thing to a cowboy in town, Wooly is in charge of cutting the wool from the sheep, with which they make the Smurfs’ clothes. Every year, he travels to Molar Mountain, where he cuts wool from sheep of humans, leaving a basket of Smurfberries as remuneration, which caused him trouble on one occasion.


  • Baby Smurf: a little baby who was left by the stork in the Smurf Village. Since then, everyone has been responsible for the little boy, who has a bit of Pixar’s Jack-Jack in him, as he has magical powers that he brings out on occasion.
  • Sassette Smurfling: another female addition to the series in the fifth season. She was created with the same formula used with Smurfette, originating a little girl full of energy and a bit rough, but who won the affection of the adult Smurfs, especially that of her older sister, Smurfette.
  • Nat Smurfling: one of the little children of the village. With a special love for animals, Natural Smurf can communicate with them, even with Azrael, the cat of the evil Gargamel. He was one of the Smurfs who suffered a regression in his age because of Father Time.
  • Slouchy Smurfling: like Nat, he was turned into a child again. This little guy loves peace, differing greatly from his unruly friends. He prefers to get along with everyone and avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  • Snappy Smurfling: basically, he is the smaller version of Grouchy. Snappy Smurf is short-fused and quite temperamental, getting his friends into various trouble for his reckless antics. The only thing that brings out his cute side is his teddy bear Huggy. Sometimes, we need a Huggy in our lives.

Peculiar Smurfs:

  • Hundredth Smurf: this strange Smurf was born from the reflection of Vanity, whom one rainy day was looking in the mirror, when suddenly lightning struck the glass, causing the birth of Hundredth, who did the opposite of him. Fortunately, Hundredth managed to gain its own autonomy
  • Wild Smurf: the Smurfs’ equivalent of Tarzan. This little guy got lost when the stork brought him, so he never made it to the village, growing up in the forest with his squirrel companion and speaking an animal language.
  • Clockwork Smurf: The… village automaton? He is a mechanical smurf created by Handy to perform everyday tasks. In an adventure, he ended up leaving with a prince from a nearby kingdom, although he visits his brothers from time to time.
  • Clockwork Smurfette: A mechanical smurf also created by Handy. At first, she fell in love with her creator but eventually fell in love with the Smurf for whom she was intended, Clockwork Smurf.

While there are many Smurfs in the 1981 cartoon that go unnamed, these 52 Smurf characters are the ones we know, and they made Smurf Village a place to remember!