When we were kids, we all had arguments about our favorite heroes and which one was stronger, even if we had to use absurd talking points to win. In a child’s mind, that was our way to maintain honor.

Certainly, the debate of the strongest hero has been explored many times and nowadays it is quite common to find ranking scales and skill comparisons.

But it can be difficult when the characters we compare are so equal but different at the same time, and comparing everyone’s favorite brothers from the TMNT franchise is one of those times. So,

Who Is The Strongest Ninja Turtle?

If we take into account all the physical characteristics, Raphael is the strongest Ninja Turtle in the group and he backs up the strength with his aggressiveness and brute force.

While Raphael is the strongest of the four turtles, the better and more skilled fighter is their leader, Leonardo, 

Leonardo is also the one with the greatest willpower, being able to resist the mind control of entities such as the Kitsune.

But that does not mean that the other brothers are not worth it. On the contrary, it is in the union where they find strength. Therefore, let’s review the qualities of each one.

TMNT Raph with sai

The Characteristics Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Raphael Is The Muscle

Raphael is the strongest Ninja Turtle physically and aggressively. Raph has the habit of going out to patrol the streets at night with Casey Jones, with whom he defeats an endless number of thugs.

He is fast in attack and strong in defense, although his weak point is his strong temper and overconfidence, which has caused him to make many mistakes which often makes for good storytelling in both the comic book and the cartoon. If only he would control that aspect, perhaps he could surpass Leonardo.

Donatello Is The Brain

Donatello’s main advantage is his intelligence and creative genius. Donnie is a resourceful inventor who can use almost any element to his advantage and quickly discover the weak points of his opponents.

Although physically he is not the strongest Ninja Turtle, nor his weapons the most powerful, he can use his inventions, technological accessories, and strategies to his advantage against Shredder’s foot clan.

Michelangelo Is The Joker

Michelangelo’s main advantages in combat are his speed, his ability to react, and temporary moments of concentration. He has the talent to perform amazing feats, but only for a few moments, which could be mistaken for lucky breaks.

He is the Ninja Turtle with the most potential, in fact, on different occasions, characters like Master Splinter, have said that Mikey could be the most powerful Ninja Turtle, if it were not for his lack of concentration and indiscipline, characteristics which, together with his young age, make him look like the weakest of the 4 brothers, but in stories like “The Last Ronin” we saw what he is capable of with a clear objective in mind.

Leonardo Is The Leader

Besides being the second strongest turtle physically, the leader of the group, Leonardo is methodical and strategic. He has more knowledge in martial arts than his brothers thanks to the practice of Master Splinter’s teachings, discipline, and meditation.

These characteristics give Leo great advantages in battle, and make him the best fighter of the group, although his true leadership qualities are found in his cool mind, capable of using diplomacy in the most complicated moments. Still, he will make sacrifices if necessary.

The balance of the Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Strengths Are Balanced By Their Weapons

Finally, I want to mention a very interesting topic that explains very well the personality of each Turtle and how Splinter managed to complement them so well.

Raphael, the most violent, was given a pair of Sais, weapons that are defensive and tactical so that he learns to trust his brothers.

Donatello, the most intelligent, was given the Bo, a wooden stick that is much simpler than the rest of the weapons so that he would learn that the greatest ideas come from the simplest things.

To the funny Michelangelo, he gave him some Nunchakus, which require a lot of discipline and concentration to master. The joke tells itself.

To Leonardo, the leader, he gave the most lethal weapon, a Katana. While his kindness and sense of justice are admirable, he must understand that some enemies just want to see the world burn…

Thus, each one has a representative weapon that does not suit their tastes, but they learn to see the world from a different perspective. My respects to Splinter, one of the best father figures in fiction.

Who Would Win In A Fight Between The Ninja Turtles?

So, if the 4 brothers face each other, would Leonardo be the winner? In my opinion, he is the most likely to win, but he would still end up very hurt, and I don’t rule out a draw between the 4 either, mainly because Splinter would stop the fight and give them each an exemplary punishment for deviating from the ninja’s path. Splinter wins!