In 1988, the American fantasy comedy movie Beetlejuice became a huge hit. The film had an all-star cast of Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Winona Ryder, and Geena Davis as the main leads. 

The movie revolves around a deceased couple who become ghosts trapped in their own home. It’s not long before they run into “The ghost with the most”, known as Beetlejuice.

It is a dark comedy classic directed by Tim Burton, and for years there have been rumblings about a sequel. Well, the rumors are mixed, and many are asking when is the Beetlejuice 2 release date?

Beetlejuice 2 does not have a set release date. Although everyone involved in the original Beetlejuice has shown an interest in a sequel, the movie has not been officially confirmed by the studio. 

We all know the stigma of revitalizing old franchises. It has been so long since the original, and so much has changed. Can they get it right, and do we even need a sequel to Beetlejuice at all?

Beetlejuice 2 Rumors Over The Years

The original movie received both commercial and critical success. It made over $73 million at the box office and was one of 1988s highest-grossing films. It also won many awards in a number of categories.

Since then, the movie inspired a video game, an animated television series (an awesome one), and even a stage musical…

To this day, you can still find fans of the movie dressing up as their favorite character to attend various screenings. 

I remember hearing talks of a possible sequel since forever. But now that it has been all but confirmed, let’s weigh the options and views of the cast of Beetlejuice, the makers, and fan demands for the sequel.

The Beetlejuice Sequel That Wasn’t Released

The first time that talks for a sequel to Beetlejuice arose was in 1990. There was a whole script planned, which was to take place in the backdrop of a beach. The sequel was aptly named Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. 

Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian

The original cast Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton conditionally agreed to return in the sequel if Tim Burton directed it. In early 1991, Daniel Waters got the job to rewrite the script. 

Around that time, Warner Bros. offered Tim Burton to choose from two follow-ups that he can direct. The choice was between Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian and Batman Returns, Tim decided to opt for the latter.

According to reports, the prospect of having a higher degree of creative control as promised by the studio is what sealed the deal. 

Tim went on to make Ed Wood and Nightmare Before Christmas after Batman Returns. By such time the pressure built on the Beetlejuice sequel died down.

Over the years, the script was passed around from one director to another. Some refused to direct it, while others did not have the time to accommodate it. 

Now, In the era of sequels, Hollywood keeps bringing many characters and cult movies back to the cinemas, rumors continue. The subject for a Beetlejuice sequel comes up again, and fans are beginning to wonder if it will finally come true. 

What Does The Beetejuice 2 Cast Have To Say?

Various interactions and interviews reveal the cast of the original were on the lookout for a sequel. According to Grahame-Smith in 2012, Keaton was very excited and reportedly waited for years for it to happen.

After 25 years, the whole excitement of Beetlejuice part II was finally taking shape. Winona Ryder said she was on board, with the condition that Tim Burton directs it. The enthusiasm built on for years but never fruited to a movie.

Will Tim Burton make Bettlejuice 2

The prospect of a Beetlejuice sequel was a constant question to Tim Burton whenever he released a new movie. When doing the rounds for Dumbo, Tim suggested that the moment to make another Beetlejuice movie has gone. 

Still keeping the excitement high, Warner Bros., in 2017, was confident that the sequel should happen. They hired Mike Vukadinovich to rewrite the script even without having any deals signed with Burton or Keaton.

Around that time, both Burton and Keaton showed interest and excitement in collaborating for a sequel. But according to reports, unless the sequel was as good as the first one, they were not keen on doing it. Progress has been plodding.

Will Johnny Depp be in Beetlejuice 2?

Johnny Deep is rumored to be in talks to have a role in Beetlejuice 2. Both Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder have starred in several classic Tim Burton movies together.

If true this is exciting news. Seeing Johnny Depp alongside Keaton and Ryder sounds like a recipe for success. But at this time I would take this information with a grain of salt.

Every article I can find about the casting refers back to this Business Insider piece from December 2020 as the source.

“But it might be his old friend and mentor, Tim Burton, who revives Depp’s career. Rumour has it Burton will finally make Beetlejuice 2 with a juicy role for Depp, perhaps even the title role.”

It’s a throwaway line in an article about his marriage issues with Amber Heard, and there is no elaboration.

The writer may know something we don’t or she may have confused Beetlejuice 2 with the more widely confirmed rumors of Johnny Depp appearing in Tim Burtons upcoming Addams Family series for Netflix.

Other Beetlejuice 2 Release Date Rumors

In 2019, the whole project seemed to come to an abrupt halt. According to reports, Burton publicly revealed that he has doubts about the sequel going forward.

Additionally, Warner Bros. further commented that there was no active development on the film. All these events happened in the middle of plans for the Beetlejuice musical.

Beetlejuice is a popular franchise

It appeared to have marked the end of a decades-long effort to assemble a sequel that would seem never to come to fruition. However, fans of the movie are still hoping and looking forward to hearing actual news of the movie production.

Throughout the 32 years ups and downs, finally, in a recent interview, Danny Elfman teased the prospect of a sequel being released. Elfman composed the original movie’s score.

According to him, the chances of the sequel happening are high. He also emphasized that the cast members of the original film showed interest in returning for the sequel.

So Will We See a Beetlejuice Sequel?

Although there may be no official statement, inside sources report that Warner Bros. is genuinely interested in releasing a Beetlejuice sequel.

Beatlejuice 2? Is a Beetle Juice sequel is coming

Until we know more and unless there is an official statement from the makers, there is no telling if the sequel will happen. However, if Elfman’s words were right, there might be a Beetlejuice 2 soon.