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  • When Is Beetlejuice 2 Release Date


    When Is BeetleJuice 2 Coming Out?

    Beetlejuice 2 does not have a set release date. Although everyone involved in the original Beetlejuice have shown an interest in a sequel, the movie has not been officially confirmed by the studio. More

  • Best Direct-To-Video Scooby-Doo Movies

    5 Best Scooby-Doo Movies (You Might Have Missed)

    Scooby-Doo was a staple of Saturday morning cartoons, regardless of what decade you grew up in. There have been 14 cartoon shows and over 40 movies based on Scooby, and they are not slowing down It seems that every year or two there is a new show, or movie, or both. Some of the new […] More

  • 5 Best Ninja Movies From The 80s

    5 Best Ninja Movies From The 80s

    while some of these Hollywood Ninja movies were admittedly bad, most of these movies were a great deal of fun and well worth your time if you give them a chance. More

  • The Wizard Was Just A Giant Nintendo Commercial

    Was The Wizard Movie Just A Giant Nintendo Commercial?

    The Wizard came out in 1989 after the ROM chip shortage of 1988. The delay paved the way for Nintendo to publicize the release of a new game through the movie. It is a movie about an introvert and an autistic kid named Jimmy, who is very good at playing video games. Although the movie […] More

  • Best Teen Movies From the 80s

    Top Ten 80s Teen Movies To Watch This Summer

    While it is true that Teen Movies existed in the 50s, 60s, and 70s across a wide variety of genres, it wasn’t until the 80’s that they matured and became a genre of their own. In fact, it was early in the decade that the staples of the genre became entrenched in our collective psyche. […] More

  • Things From The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie That Fans Will Appreciate

    5 Things From The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie That True Fans Will Appreciate

    The Sonic The Hedgehog movie is out and it’s a real treat for fans who love the classic  SEGA speedster. There are so many things that creators have done to “stay true” to the franchise. Even the movie poster depicts the blue blur with lightning effects, which is reminiscent of the “Sonic Unleashed” game poster. […] More

  • Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies From The 80s

    5 Best Arnie Movies Of The 80s

    Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been one to take home too many awards come Oscar season, but this has not stopped the Austrian Oak from becoming one of the most popular and beloved actors in the world. Born in 1947, Arnold has known his fair share of praise and admiration throughout his long and multifaceted career. […] More

  • 5 Best Animes From The 80s

    5 Best Animes From The 80s (That Still Hold Up Today)

    Anime in the 80s was Japan’s best-kept secret. Sure there were some cartoons that made it over, but movies were hard to find if you were a kid, and there was no internet to even let you know what to look for. Most good animes would remain hidden to the mainstream for several years until […] More

  • The Dark Origins of Mulan Movie on Disney

    The Dark Origins of Mulan

    While the 1998 Mulan film marked the childhood of an entire generation, the real story is far darker and more somber than most people realize. More

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