Previously, I looked at whether or not the heroic Autobot Optimus Prime and the cynical Decepticon Megatron were brothers. Interestingly enough, this is something many a Transformers fan has come to wonder about since the brand launched forty years ago. 

While the rivals may be considered brothers in a symbolic sense given that they both fought on the same side against corruption during the earlier days of Cybertron’s history, that is as far as the relationship goes between those two.

And yet, still some ask about family relationships within Transformers lore.

For instance, Optimus Prime. If Megatron isn’t his brother, then who is?

Well, pull up a seat. Because I’m about to tell you…

A Lone Prime

The story of the Transformers took off back in 1984.

Four decades later, and the Robots In Disguise continue to be an imposing juggernaut on the field of popular culture thanks to a series of successful live-action movies that have kept the brand within the public eye as never before. 

However, if you were to look over the majority of Transformers history, you would find that Optimus Prime had no siblings whatsoever. At least, none that were ever mentioned.

Optimus Prime and his Autobot brothers

That said, there is no denying that he enjoyed a close relationship with his fellow Autobots. Be it Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz, Prowl, Wheeljack, or someone else, it was clear Optimus cared deeply for all those under his command. 

They weren’t just soldiers. They were allies. They were family. Yet, they were not related.

No, like the relationship that had existed at one point between Optimus and Megatron, these were brothers and sisters on a symbolic level given that they were all fighting for the same cause and holding fast to similar dreams and values.

Transformers Continuity Shake-Up!

In 2001, a fairly unknown independent comic book publisher known as Dreamwave Productions shook up the industry after they successfully obtained the Transformers license.

Expectations were high, as many fans had been away from comic books and cartoon for quite some time. And yet, the buzz created was so significant that it soon pushed the Robots In Disguise past the top titles being offered by DC and Marvel at the time.

Transformers Generation 1 comic by Dreamwave Productions

With the launch of their hotly anticipated Generation 1 book, Dreamwave Productions brought the beloved brand back to the printed page with a new style – and a new story. And it is here, within the mix of a short-run comic book series set against the backdrop of a brand new Transformers continuity, that we discover the identity of Optimus Prime’s brother.  

Enter Ultra Magnus

Within the Generation 1 continuity from Dreamwave Productions, readers learn that both Optimus Prime and Megatron had vanished in a space bridge incident.

Now, without a leader, the remaining Autobots look to Optimus’ brother Ultra Magnus to take command. Feeling he was far from ready for such a weighty responsibility, Magnus would go into hiding for half a million years!

Upon re-emerging, Ultra Magnus would discover that his friends had splintered into numerous different camps. Realizing what had to be done as the situation around them worsened, Magnus would push aside his fears and reunite the Autobots once more. 

But, not before cursing brother Optimus for his ‘heroic sacrifice’.

Under Ultra Magnus’ leadership, the Autobots would successfully retake Cybertron city by city. With the forces of Shockwave and Ratbat all but ready to surrender, it looked as though a new day was soon to dawn on Cybertron! Or, so we were led to believe.

Sadly, Dreamwave Productions would go out of business early in 2005. Not long after, the Generation 1 book would end. And with it, this brief glimpse into Optimus’ family tree.   

Who Is Optimus Prime’s Brother?

Ultra Magnus is the brother of Optimus Prime. That is if you consider the Dreamwave Productions Generation 1 Transformers as canon.

Ultra Magnus Leader of the Autobots

The final choice as to whether or not Optimus Prime actually does have a brother really is up to each individual fan. As Optimus Prime might say: “…it is the right of all sentient beings!”     

There is no right or wrong answer here. Even if the resulting retcon was so short-lived that it never actually managed to overshadow the traditional Transformers canon.

Heck, there are plenty of fans who were of the opinion that Optimus and Magnus were brothers years before Dreamwave Productions had anything to say about it. 

Thus, whatever you choose to believe is completely up to you!