Female Gremlins don’t get much attention. In fact, most people don’t even know they exist let alone know a female gremlins name. There are also a few female Mogwai but that is a discussion for another time.

Since there are so few of them we thought it would be fun to take a closer look at each female gremlin that appeared in the Gremlins series.

There were two movies, the original and the sequel “The New Batch”. While we were open to taking entries from other media, there is just nothing there. How many of these do you remember?

List Of Female Gremlins


There was a Princess Gremlin who imitated the character Christine from Phantom Of The Opera. She first spawned at the Clamp Center building in Gremlins 2.

Christine the gremlin

Christine rips the mask off The Phantom Gremlin which gets his attention. Sadly she is killed in the scene with the Electric Gremlin later on in the film.

Christine only appeared in the Gremlins sequel and she stands out as one of the few Gremlins to have a normal human name.

Deagle Gremlin

Deagle Gremlin appeared in the first movie. She was trying to make herself look like Mrs. Deagle. When Dorry’s Tavern was being torn apart, that’s when the Deagle Gremlin showed up.

Deagle Gremlin

She could be found sitting with some of the other uncredited Gremlins playing Poker in the tavern.

When the Deagle Gremlin saw one of the others cheating, she told Stripe which caused Stripe to shoot the cheating creature. It was after this when the Deagle Gremlin went to the movie theater with Stripe and sadly met her end.


Greta is the most well-known female gremlin. She first appeared in the sequel and drank a formula that made her express female characteristics. This girl is more evil than she looks and was the sole survivor at the end of the second movie.

Greta the female gremlin

If other Gremlins tried to make an advance on Greta, Greta made them pay by hurting them. She had a special attraction to Forster who worked at Clamp Center and appeared several times throughout the movie.

When there was a musical performance in the lobby, Greta was there, and at the end of the film she showed up in a wedding dress. It looked like she was getting ready to marry Forster who by this point had stopped fighting it.

Nurse Gremlin

The Nurse Gremlin made her first appearance in the sequel at Clamp Center. Unforunately it was from a scene that was deleted from the movie, but it still counts to us.

Nurse Gremlin

When the Vegetable Gremlin suffered from a mutation, the Nurse is seen taking fluid with a syringe. Like many of the gremlins, she died when she got electrocuted after getting wet.

When you are not including a list of Mogwai, these are the only female gremlins that exist in the films. It’s quite remarkable since we see hundreds of these little monsters throughout the film.

Luckily in the age of remakes that we live in. the return of Gizmo and Billy in Gremlins 3 is probably right around the corner and we can be sure that will see the women well represented.