The Smurfs have been adapted to an infinite number of mediums, from their original comics to the 80s cartoons, and the recent live-action movies, but if there is one thing they have all agreed on, it is that Papa Smurf is the leader of the Smurfs and their great protector.

At first glance, he is the Smurf who stands out the most, as his red smurf hat and white beard are something that no other Smurf has, although he is also a magic expert and a walking encyclopedia.

Papa Smurf has lived a long time to get where he is, but that makes us wonder…

How Old Is Papa Smurf?

Although the difference varies depending on the adaptation, Papa Smurf is on average about 542 years old, making him the oldest main character in The Smurfs.

As crazy as it sounds, on average, the rest of the creatures are around 100 years old. Wow, they’re holding up well. But…

Is Papa Smurf The Oldest Of Them All? 

Papa Smurf is not the oldest Smurf or even the second oldest. Grandpa Smurf is almost 1100 years old and Nanny Smurf is 700 years of age.

These two Smurfs characters are quite secondary and only appear on rare occasions, making Papa Smurf everyone’s favorite old man.

A Little More About The Leader Of The Smurfs

Despite that, Papa Smurf leads a very active life as the protector of the Smurf Village and is not at all a grumpy old man, err Smurf, although if you provoke him, you will arouse his ire. 

Papa Smurf is known as the Smurfs’ “father”, these creatures are asexual, and most of them were brought to the village by a stork, except for Smurfette who was created by the evil Gargamel, but thanks to Papa Smurf’s magic they eliminated her malice and adopted her as one of their own.

Speaking of which, Papa Smurf has a great rivalry with Gargamel, who sees him as his main target to hunt, either by luring him by using his children as bait or directly trapping him.

But at the end of the day, the Smurfs manage to beat him using their special skills along with Papa Smurf’s magic and experience. Sorry Gargamel, but you are no match for him.

Papa’s smurfy kindness is greater than his pride, and he has saved Gargamel when his black magic has been about to destroy him.

As for the rest of the characters the Smurfs come across, including possible threats, Papa Smurf is one who usually speaks up and opts for a diplomatic solution, although he is always prepared in case things go wrong.

Papa Smurf Leader Of The Smurfs

More Than Just A “Papa”

We all have a favorite little Smurf, as each one has their special “touch”, but if you ask me, Papa Smurf encapsulates all the skills and experiences of multiple lives. 

He is the perfect example of a good leader never seeking war, but always being prepared for it. Beyond his knowledge of sorcery, the true source of his power is his huge heart, which never fails to welcome new Smurfs as his children.