Video games have always sat at the vanguard of technology. However, the last couple of decades have seen this once-niche industry come to the very forefront of popular culture.

As the industry continues to grow at astonishing rates, a vast number of gamers and video game enthusiasts have proudly adopted their hobby as a full-blown, all-encompassing lifestyle.

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that both major and minor fashion and clothing brands are launching a slew of gamer clothing and accessory lines to satisfy gamer fashion needs.

Today we are going to share with you our love for what we think are the top 5 Gamer Clothing Brands available today.

Clothing for Gamers

A few years ago the world of high fashion was shocked to learn that a house of haute couture with such high standing as Louis Vuitton had entered the video gaming clothing arena by launching a fashionable collection themed around the mega-popular League of Legends video game that included a slew of digital items as well as real-world items.

Burberry, another world-renowned luxury fashion house, recently entered the world of gaming as well by launching an actual video game that rewards players with real-world exclusive items for playing the game and earning top marks.

Louis Vuitton and Burberry are noteworthy entries into the world of gamer clothing due to their international renown, but they weren’t the first to enter the market, they certainly weren’t the last, and they are not our favorites. Here are the

5 Best Gamer Clothing Brands



Founded as recently as 2010 by visionary entrepreneur Knut Jochen Bergel, Musterbrand has quickly grown in popularity as a top-of-the-line gaming and gamer clothing brand due to its unwavering commitment to gamer culture authenticity.

Musterbrand designs can be best described as a well-balanced mixture of vision, high-quality manufacture, and chic design.

Over the years Musterbrand has developed collections based on some of the industry’s biggest franchises such as Zelda, Street Fighter, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Warcraft, Starcraft, Uncharted, Warhammer, Mass Effect, CounterStrike, Half-Life, and many more.

Musterbrand perfectly encapsulates what gaming clothing should be about: blurring the lines between fashion and digital entertainment. The brand has made a concerted effort to partner with game studios across the industry to ensure that all of its products are designed with meticulous attention to detail that respects the source material.

I love Musterbrand.

Glitch Gaming Apparel


Second, on the list of the top gaming clothing brands, we find Glitch Gaming Apparel.

Glitch Gaming is a brand that considers itself a Gamer Lifestyle brand, and they offer a plethora of items developed specifically to meet the ever-growing demand for authentic and exciting gamer clothing.

A quick look at their rather large catalog will give you a glimpse into their mission: to deliver items that capture the experience of playing games. Their passion is reflected in products that exude the dynamic styles of the industry’s greatest hits.

While they sell various gaming-related accessories, such as posters, keychains, hats, and backpacks, Glitch is known far and wide for its game-inspired shirts.

They offer tons of t-shirts, baby-doll tees, and tank tops designed after our favorite franchises. My favorites include the Aperture Laboratories Polo from Half-Life, the Abstergo Tee from Assassin’s Creed, and the Nuka Cola red Tee from Fallout.



Numskull is one of the bigger names on our list. They are known by video game fans across the world as the go-to brand for innovative gaming merchandise. Their vast catalog is populated with products based on both the biggest franchises in the gaming world as well as smaller, nostalgia-laden franchises of our youth.

Numskull has had official collaborations with some serious heavyweight game studios such as Bethesda, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Bungie, EA, SEGA, Ubisoft, Atari, Square Enix, etc. Numskull has a particularly great offering of hoodies, onesies, and sweaters based on games from these companies. I just recently purchased the official Fall Guys Ugly Christmas sweater and I couldn’t be happier.

Another thing I love about Numskull is that their website is a one-stop-shop for hundreds of collectibles, accessories, and knick-knacks from the biggest movie, comic, and tv franchises as well. And, if you live overseas, that’s not an issue since Numskull ships worldwide.



At the number 4 spot, we have another giant of the gaming apparel industry: J!NX.

Jinx, stylized as J!NX, is one of the oldest gamer and gaming clothing brands still operating today. Since 1999 Jinx has been one of the leading names in the industry for the best representation of gamer and geek culture.

Their clothing collections are very bold and exude true-gamer passion. If you are like me and find yourself needing to wear your love and connection to many of your favorite games, it is more than likely that Jinx will have something for you.

Besides their officially licensed tees, bottoms, and outerwear from such hallowed franchises as Overwatch, The Witcher, Warcraft, PUBG, Diablo, and Far Cry, amongst many others, Jinx also offers a host of in-house designs that represent and pay homage to our favorite pastime.

My favorites from Jinx include the recently launched collection of men’s and women’s tees based on Path of Exile, the acclaimed isometric action RPG, and their badass Demon’s Souls collection.

One look at Jinx’s offerings will make it obvious that their products are made for gamers by gamers that love what they do.

Insert Coin Clothing


Insert Coin Clothing is our 5th entry to the list.

While not as big or as well known as some of the other names on this list, Insert Coin Clothing has quickly become one of my favorite brands when it comes to gamer clothing. This is because every single product they offer shines with an intrinsic love for video games and pop culture.

The company started by offering a variety of gaming-inspired tees, but now boasts a respectable catalog of T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, shirts, jerseys, socks, and even loungewear.

Their collections include big-name classic franchises such as DOOM, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout, as well as newer entries to the gaming pantheon such as Deathloop, Ghost of Tsushima, Dark Souls, and The Last of Us series.

My favorite items from Insert Coin Clothing, however, are their collections based on lesser-known franchises and indie titles. This includes their Guild Wars 2 T-shirts, their Cuphead enamel pins, and their My Friend Pedro and Hotline Miami long-sleeve shirts and jackets.

Honorable Mention



Every single company on our list is well-loved and respected in the gamer clothing industry, but we could not make a list of the best gamer clothing brands without mentioning Fangamer.

Fangamer earns our bonus mention because they are without a doubt one of the most comprehensive gaming merchandisers out there.

Fangamer initially started selling gamer inspired graphic T-shirts in 2007 under the online gamer forum, but quickly grew to a beast in the industry that offers gaming apparel as well as collectibles including accessories, books, music, home & office supplies, etc. all related to video games and video game culture.

Their collections include items from beloved franchises such as Banjo-Kazooie, Undertale, Ori, Megaman, Katamari Damacy, Myst, Jak & Daxter, Spelunky, Shovel Knight, Dead Cells, Perfect Dark, Life is Strange, Darkest Dungeon, and many, many more.

If you like gamer clothing, gaming culture, and video games in general, you owe yourself a visit to Fangamer’s website.

These are my favorites but I am sure I will add more over time. Whether you are a pro esports gamer with a million-dollar sponsorship, or a filthy casual just seeking a good deal on some limited edition streetwear branded with your favorite characters, the swag you want is out there, you just have to know where to look.