Every successful television show has a factor that lures you to your television when it is on. The hit California-based FOX drama Beverly Hills 90210 was no different.

What took center stage and kept the attention of the viewers of this small screen favorite was easily the different relationships.

There were many different couples during its 10-year run. If you wanted a show that revolved around teenage romance then Beverly Hills 90210 was for you. This was a show where the dating lives of the characters took center stage over everything else.

Family. Friendship. Money. It was the kids at the center of the show that delivered all the feels, filled our hearts, and kept the series going strong for a full decade.

Some characters looked like they were a perfect romantic fit for one another. However, that wasn’t the story for all couples. Queue the cheesy music compilations, this is the

Best Couples From Beverly Hills 90210

Noah and Valerie

Those who didn’t follow the show to the end may not recognize all names here but the final seasons are when things got the hottest, and both these characters were brought in around that time.

They did take some time to hook up but Noah and Val were not a power couple, they were all about the sex.

Things were rocky with Noah still getting over the death of his ex-girlfriend, and having feelings for Donna, it was doomed to fail from the start.

Still, the two shared a lot of steamy and memorable scenes.

Matt and Kelly

This was one of the last big relationships of the series. It was shortly after Brandon left when Kelly and Matt started dating. However, Kelly was intimate with Dylan after Matt admitted he already had a wife that was in a mental institution. 

When Dylan’s wife came back to New York, Kelly and Matt continued dating. They both had issues that they were able to help each other through. He proposed to her on Christmas of the final season and she initially accepted but they broke up in the second to last episode of the series.

Noah and Donna

While this relationship never had a chance to last, they did have a strong bond. Noah first appeared in Season 8 and they stayed together through troubling times.

The first time they broke up was at the end of Season 9 when Donna cheated on Noah.

The friends did try the relationship again near the end of the show but that didn’t last either when Noah found out more details about the death of his ex. 

Steve and Clare

These two lasted much longer than the other relationships that formed while in college on this show. They had a pattern of breaking up and getting back together.

Clare finally left Steve on the final episode of Season 7 because her father was moving back to Paris and she was moving with him.

Dylan and Toni

There were many different romances in Season 6 but this is one of the well-known and maybe the saddest. At first, Dylan wanted to get to know Toni’s father through Toni because he believed her father killed her father but he did fall in love with her.

Dylan and Toni do end up tying the knot but Toni’s father wants Dylan dead. When Toni’s father tries to kill Dylan, he ends up killing his daughter who was driving Dylan’s car. Dylan is shocked when he finds out what happened to his wife.

Steve and Janet

Steve was having the worst luck when it came to affairs of the heart. Even relationships that looked hopeful wouldn’t last. He would meet Janet in Season 8 but they couldn’t get along. That is why it was surprising they began dating each other halfway through Season 9.

Janet discovered she was pregnant but didn’t tell Steve because she thought he wouldn’t act the way she hoped. During the ultrasound, Steve proposes to her and they get married. Janet would give birth while on their honeymoon.

Dylan and Kelly

Kelly and Dylan started having feelings for each other but Kelly ended the relationship when Brenda came back from Paris. When Brenda and Dylan broke up, Dylan and Kelly started dating again. When they got together, their relationship wasn’t always smooth.

After they graduated High School, they went to Europe for the summer but Kelly returned to Los Angeles by herself. She came back alone because she was no longer dating Dylan.

Dylan returned in season 9 but they were dating different people although Dylan got back together with Kelly in the final episode of the series. The reboot revealed that Dylan was the father of Kelly’s son but they broke up when Kelly’s son was just a baby.

Brandon and Kelly

Fans will consider Kelly and Brandon and Brenda and Dylan as the two main couples of the series. They didn’t become a couple in the first season because Brandon thought of her as a sister instead of a girlfriend.

In the final episode of Season 4, Brandon felt differently when Kelly visited him in Washington. These two were a couple in Season 5 and this couple got the most attention since Brenda had left the show.

They would break up in Season 5 then spend the next two seasons dating other people. At the end of Season 7, they revealed that they loved each other and the next season, Kelly moved in with Brandon. 

They chose to get married but neither of them went through it because it was too big a step. They stayed apart then Brandon got a job in DC so he was no longer around.

Dylan and Brenda

This was one of the first couples of the show. The Spring Dance was the night where they stopped fighting their temptations. When Brenda thought she was pregnant at the beginning of Season 2, Dylan was scared off.

Brenda and Dylan would get back together in the middle of season 2 which was not happy news to Brenda’s stepfather. Brenda sneaked away from her home to spend a weekend with her boyfriend Dylan in Mexico. That had Brenda’s father forbid them to continue their relationship.

The two broke up again after Brenda came back from Paris because Brenda and Dylan felt their relationship was getting too serious too fas and Dylan would eventually start dating Kelly.

Things were not completely over between Brenda and Dylan because the season finale of season 4 saw them admit their true love for each other. This episode was the last episode that Brenda would appear in. Dylan did get back with Brenda off-screen but it didn’t last.

David and Donna

At first, it looked like these two may not have started dating because of David’s age. This relationship happened to have the most longevity because they dated through High School and even into their first year of college.

When they got to college, they went their separate ways after David cheated. While they went through the rest of college apart, they reunited and made love for the first time the night before college graduation.

The next year they would move in together but the story didn’t end happily ever after. Donna made David leave after she found out David was signing checks with the names of other people. However, this wasn’t the end of their story.

A couple of years later, Donna’s mom would help Donna and David reunite which was amazing since Donna’s mom did not approve of David. After they met again, they became engaged and the big story of the series finale was their wedding.

We could go on and list some of the “lesser lovers” like Ray, Emily, Colin, or Andrea but these were the most important relationships between the cast of  Beverly Hills 90210. Any show that has a long run is bound to have a lot of relationships to keep the story interesting. Beverly Hills 90210 had so many couples it is amazing how some of these stand out in our memories long after the show is now gone.