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  • Best Wrestling Heels of the Early 80s

    10 Best Wrestling Heels of the Early 80s

    In wrestling, the role of a heel is fundamental for the success of the show. The bad guy must be hated, he must become public enemy number one and push people to cheer on the good guy. Just as much of the audience is there to see them get defeated and humiliated as are there […] More

  • King Kong Bundy

    Remembering King Kong Bundy

    Big. Bald. Menacing. In black wrestling tights that were cut in such a way that almost made him look bigger. I remember when… More

  • WWF Backlash 1999

    Recap Of The First WWE Backlash (1999)

    The first Backlash PPV was held by the World Wrestling Federation on April 25, 1999, at the Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island. It was the last PPV with the “In Your House,” branding. This was literally when they pulled the plug on In Your House. In fact, early promos for the event advertised […] More