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Hi, I’m Marti Escageda “El Gamer Cosplayer”, a Multimedia Producer and Retro Game enthusiast. After getting my Super Nintendo in October of 1992, I watched the 16-Bits Console Wars at home while witnessing the 2nd Arcade Boom thanks to Street Fighter II on the streets. 

I enjoyed playing fighting games & beat ’em ups at pizza places near school and playing platformers, sports and RPGs on my TV in the early ‘90s. I fondly remember those times and love to find games today that make me feel like those classics did every time I loaded a cartridge on his SNES or inserted a coin on a Neo-Geo System. 

In the late 90’s I witnessed the rise and fall of SNK, becoming a huge The King of Fighters fan and anime nerd thanks to Dragon Ball and Ranma ½. And with the now mainstream 3D consoles I got into other game genres such as racing, stealth, survival horror, and wrestling on the N64 and PlayStation, as well as light gun games at the arcades.

By the time the 2000s came along, I was introduced to PC gaming and first-person shooters with Half-Life (having only been a player of GoldenEye 007 on N64 before) and saw the DreamCast come and go.

With the launch of the Xbox and PS2, I believed there was a sort of downfall in how they used to make videogames, and people just stopped going to the arcades as they used to, and with that, the handful of awesome games they used to release every month. 

I finished high school and it was time to study for a career. I pretty much missed the 7th generation of consoles, and by the time I was done, the PS4, Xbox One, and WiiU were too expensive for a guy fresh out of college

So I started getting into buying original Nintendo Entertainment System games I was too young to play when they were popular in the ‘80s, thus expanding my Retro Game knowledge.

I went to college to study Engineering in Multimedia Production in order to create video games of my own, but it turned out my real talent is as an animator, and weird enough, an actor, so I combined my animation skills, acting talent, and weird sense of humor to create my Live Action Video Game Fan Films that are watched all over the world and get millions of views on social media.

As a freelancer, I have written articles for several online publications on Indie, Mobile, and Retro Gaming, as well as a few reviews of modern PC and console games too. I am currently on my way to reaching 100,000 Subscribers on my YouTube Channel and 50,000 followers on Facebook, where I recreate games in real life, act out scenes from anime and play games while dressing up as the characters on screen.

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