When we think of video games that involve robots, we always think of Robocop or Terminator. The problem is the Terminator games have been hit or miss depending on your perspective and the newest Robocop game was about as good as the movie remake.

Why is it so hard to find old games featuring robots that are fun to play? If you know where to look, they are out there, which is why I have compiled this list.

The order of these games is based on their Metacritic score with the ratings from GameFAQs being taken into consideration. If you want gunmetal grinding action, then look no further. This list will cover the 

Top Ten Robot Games On The Playstation 2

Silent Line: Armored Core

Armored Core has been known for letting people create their own robots according to the missions you will be taking on. The story takes place in the future where companies are battling each other with robots to acquire land.

Silent Line Armored Core

As you go through the story and carry out jobs, you will earn money that you can invest back into your mechs. If you need money but the future jobs are too hard then you can earn extra money in the arena by fighting other robots.

It can’t be stressed that the customization and weapons you equip your robot with are crucial when it comes to success. If you have played Armored Core 3 then you can transfer the robots you created in that game to use in this one.

It’s a shame that controls have been a drawback to the series, often being slow to respond. You also have to use the shoulder buttons to look around instead of using the right analog stick.

The graphics were a bit dated for a 2003 release other games that had already come out were more visually appealing. Fortunately, the sound was handled better.

The music fits the mood that the game is trying to portray. The voices in this game were done surprisingly better than people would have expected although there aren’t as many voiceovers as I would have liked.

Metacritic Score: 69/100

Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front

The Duchy of Zeon is using mobile suits to attack the Earth Federation and they are succeeding. The last hope for the Federation may be in the form of a Mobile Suit Gundam.

Mobile Suit Gundam Zeonic Front

What separates this experience from others in similar settings is you control the evil side. You control the Duchy Of Zeon. If you were a fan of other entries in the series then you will recognize the different characters and suits that you come across in this game.

This is one game where you don’t have to worry about the controls. If you are close to an enemy then you can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Combat success from further away will depend on which attack you decide to use.

The gameplay goes beyond standard third-person platforming and will have you using tactical strategy to plan when and where to advance. The best way to attack is to capitalize on the weakness of your enemies. There are different ways to spot your enemies each with its advantages and drawbacks.

This game lets you control up to three squads in each mission and you can have the different squads attack or continue on the route that was set out for them. The controls let you switch between the leaders of each squad smoothly.

Sadly, you can not destroy buildings and they can get in the way of locking on to an enemy. If you can’t lock on to an enemy then you can’t shoot. 

If you want to see the later levels, you will have to set routes and operation points which can be a tedious process. While this part isn’t fun, you’re going to run into problems if you try to forge ahead with the pre-set routes.

The menus and wireframe training sequences are excellent. The graphics look great when you talk about the robots and the aftermath of a battle. However, to make this possible, the environment takes a hit, there is fog in every level.

The voices are amazing and fans of the cartoon will recognize their favorite character. I wish the sound effects of the robots was adjustable as walking around can drown out voices and music.

While this is a great game, you may appreciate it more if you are familiar with the series that it is based on. If you haven’t watched the anime, it is still good worth a try, Gundam is awesome!

Metacritic Score: 71/100

Armored Core: Nexus

If you played the previous Armored Core games and thought they were super easy then this might be the game for you.

armored core nexus

There are more factors you have to pay attention to when you create your robot and hundreds of weapons and parts that can be switched in and out.

If you have friends that you want to play with, this game will support four players to play on one screen or LAN Play. 

The controls are still a little slow like previous games but now you can use the left analog stick to move and use the right analog stick to steer and aim. This is a popular feature that was well-received, and long overdue.

One difference from previous games is you will have to pay attention to the power your robot uses with all its weapons.

The graphics, music, and sound is all on par with the previous games in the series. If you love the wide range of customizations that come with an Armored Core game, then you should check this one out.

Metacritic Score: 73/100

Steambot Chronicles

Take some combat between robots, add in unique roleplaying elements and mini-games and you get Steambot Chronicles. Your character is named Vanilla Bean and he has lost his memory. After meeting Coriander, missiles are fired at you and you use a trotmobile to escape.

If you like the “choose your own adventure” style of game,  then this one is for you. How you respond in certain conversations will change the progression of the story and will dictate how people react to you.

Steambot Chronicles

The trotmobile is a machine that you can modify,  add parts to, remove parts you don’t need. You can only modify your trotmobile at garages but there are plenty of garages in the game world. Plan well because some parts will have functions that have nothing to do with the current battles. 

There are many different things you can do in the world. You will find activities that you like more than others. Unfortunately, the controls can get a little messy during combat and it can be hard to move the trotmoblile exactly where you want to.

This is another title that featured great-looking characters and robots at the expense of detailed backgrounds.

If you are looking for a robotic action RPG with tight controls then you will enjoy all the different activities offered in this game.

Metacritic Score: 74/100

Armored Core 3

In Armored Core 3 the megacorporations are fighting each other to get what they can and your motivation is to make money. Everything else is more of the same Armor Core we all love.

Armored Core 3

There is an arena where you can take on the computer for cash. Two players can take on each other and this game once again offers network play for four-player mecha wars.

You can only take on enemies that can play off the same console because there is no online play. Sadly, the graphics look the same as the previous entry which is a year older. They are not bad but you would have thought there would be some design improvement.

While the environments look plain, the Armored Cores look amazing. You can decide how fast and strong your robot is which will play out in how you tackle different battles that come up.

Many of the missions revolve around battles but there is a variety where you will be defending different things. The difficulty of these missions shouldn’t keep anyone from trying out this game.

Metacritic Score 74/100

Armored Core 2: Another Age

This game was originally developed to be an expansion pack to the first Armored Core sequel. It was going to include online play with the new network adapter that had come out for the PlayStation 2.

Armored Core 2

Another Age does offer new missions, a bunch of two-player modes, and all new parts for your robot that we haven’t seen before. The final release runs faster, has better graphics and the levels look different than in previous games. Also, there is no slowdown when the action gets hot.

Just like the graphics, this game doesn’t disappoint in the sound department. Explosions and sound effects sound great and there is a lot of dialogue introducing the new missions. The music in the game is also worth listening to.

If you have data saved on your memory card from Armored Core 2, you can import it into this game and take advantage of the new weapons that were added or made their return.

You can team up with friends or go against them in multiplayer. It’s amazing how well this turned out as a stand-alone release even though it originally started as an expansion pack.

Metacritic Score: 75/100

Zone Of The Enders

ZOTE had a great package deal including a demo of Metal Gear Solid 2. Hideo Kojima worked on this while he was also working on the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Zone of the Enders

The year is 2172 and humans are staying in space colonies. The people who stay in colonies are called Enders and they are regarded as the lower class. Your character just happens to stay in one near Jupiter.

Your colony is invaded by orbital frames looking for a robot. You get blown into a hangar that had the robot the frames were looking for and after you see your friends killed, you control the robot these invaders were looking for.

The lock-on function works almost flawlessly and your robot moves where you want him to go.

This game features multiple endings and awards players with a multiplayer mode. The graphics are amazing and show what the PlayStation 2 is capable of. Unfortunately, most environments look the same but the graphics will impress during action scenes.

While the explosions sound great, the dialogue is not as good. With everything this game has to offer though, the dialogue should not keep anyone from trying out this game.

 Metacritic Score: 78/100

Robot Alchemic Drive

Giant robots have come to Earth thanks to aliens and are destroying the city streets. You now have to use your robot to save humanity. 

Robot Alchemic Drive

Based on your success, relationships with the protagonist will go one way or another. You will either like or hate the story in this game.  The part where this game shines is the combat.

After you hit Select, the whole controller controls the robot. It may sound confusing at first and if the learning curve is too steep, there is an easier controller setting that you can choose.

Also, there is a versus mode with split-screen and dozens of missions in the single-player mode.

The art style of the game looks like it comes from the 1980s. Some of the voice actors are noticeably better than others. 

What separates this game from others on the list is that your robot is remote-controlled instead of you piloting the robot. 

Metacritic Score: 79/100

Metal Arms: Glitch In The System

If you judge this game by the cover or first glance then you might think this is a Disney adventure meant for little kids. But if you give this game a chance, the combat will blow you away.

Metal Arms Glitch in the System

Two factions are at war with each other and you are the last hope for the side that has been losing. Metal Arms is a third-person shooter where your robot can replace his arm with special weapons of your choosing. The weapons start weak but things will change after finding upgrade kits.

The graphics and sound make the weapons feel powerful. Robots can be torn apart if you land a good hit on your opponent. If you like difficult games then you should like this one because even the easier difficulties provide a real challenge.

There is a huge variety of missions and the better you do in the single-player mode, the more stuff you will unlock for the multiplayer. Four people can play in split-screen action, and it’s a blast.

This game launched on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube consoles. Regardless of which console you choose, the graphics are amazing.  If you like challenging games but don’t mind the small-size hero over a big mech , then this is a game you should try.

Metacritic Score: 81/100

Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner

This is one sequel that improved on its predecessor in several ways. The story is more interesting than the first game. When invaders come, the new protagonist finds a robot. The battles are a lot more exciting meaning you may find yourself playing through more than once. 

Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner

The combat mechanics are not complicated and mashing buttons will get you past the first couple of stages but enemies will eventually pick up on that. Every mission doesn’t revolve around combat and there are a variety of activities in missions.

The graphics are impressive because they are partially cel-shaded. The orbital frames have a lot of small details that you will recognize.

While none of the lines were memorable, the story is explained well and the voice actors did a great job. There is also a huge variety of music in the game so you will find something you like.

This game is what people wanted the original to be. There are side missions that you have to keep an eye out for during the main quest and a versus mode that you can play with a friend.

Metacritic Score: 82/100

This is some of the best gaming on PlayStation 2 where you have the ability to control robots. Surprisingly we made it through without a single Mechwarrior title. Some of these games may be very expensive but if you are a fan of this classic genre these PS2 mech games do not disappoint.