1981’s Blockbuster sequel to Mad Max, The Road Warrior, had a cast full of unforgettable characters. There was Mad Max, of course, The Humungus, Wez, and The Gyro Captain. There was Warrior Woman, The Toadie, Papagallo, and Big Rebecca. But perhaps the most memorable character of the bunch was The Feral Kid.

The Feral Kid, a grunting, growling eight-year-old boy, while not pivotal to the main narrative, gave the movie a much-needed emotional heft. And his narration, which bookended the movie, expertly contextualized the story.

The Feral Kid, played by Australian child actor Emil Minty, stole every single scene that he was in, and went down in movie history as one of the best-supporting characters of the decade. But where is he now?

What Happened To Emil Minty, The Feral Kid From Mad Max 2?

If you want to find Emil Minty nowadays, a full 40+ years after he captivated audiences around the world, you have to head over to Sydney, Australia, where he works as the current manager of a local jewelry store.

While Emil looks back on his brief acting career with fondness, he tries his very best to live an ordinary life with his wife and two kids.

Other Notable Appearances By Emil Minty In TV and Movies

Speaking of a brief acting career, the last time audiences saw Emil (pronounced Em-eel, in case you were wondering) was in 2006 when he participated in a popular Aussie reality show called “Where Are They Now.”

Before that, Emil’s appearances were few and far between. He made a brief appearance in a 1992 short film called Road To Alice, starring Noah Taylor of Peaky Blinders fame.

Before that, between 1985 and 1990, he acted sporadically in the following television series:

  • A Country Practice
  • The Flying Doctors
  • Captain James Cook
  • The Haunted School
  • Alice to Nowhere
  • Winners

These TV stints did not last long, and none of the series in which he acted provided him with the same level of fame and recognition that the Max Max movie did before.

He’s Long Done With Acting

By the time he turned 18, Emil’s acting career had pretty much come to a standstill.

Mad Max 2, or the Road Warrior, is a classic of modern cinema and its unique aesthetic has influenced countless writers, actors, and directors since its release.

The movie had some of the decade’s best direction, editing, and production, and it also had fantastic sound, set, and costume design.

However, the movie’s greatest strength was the memorable cast of interesting and colorful characters that populated its desolate landscape.

Emil Minty did not utter a single word as The Feral Kid, but he will go down as one of the most engaging characters to have ever graced the silver screen.

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