While all good games have memorable moments and memorable characters some games are remembered for their villains.

The original PlayStation crossed the gap between cartoony type games to more realistic graphics. The characters and villains became more realistic as well, and in many cases more terrifying. 

With the diversity of the original PlayStation, we were able to make a list that has several of those terrifying bosses as well as some more traditional ones. This is our

5 Best Boss Fights On The Original PlayStation 1

Sephiroth From Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth takes the first spot on our list of best PS1 bosses. And although he has appeared in several game franchises such as the famed Kingdom Hearts and the severely underappreciated party game Fortune Street, his encounter in 1997’s Final Fantasy VII is one of the quintessential final boss fights of all time!

Sephiroth From Final Fantasy VII on PS1

Sephiroth began his history in the Final Fantasy world as one of the most powerful commanders within SOLDIER, an elite military group at the command of the Shinra organization.

His icy demeanor,  his flowing white hair, and his gigantic Masamune sword are the most characteristic and instantly recognizable features of this character.

In the final battle of the game, Cloud will have to fight two forms of this powerful villain: Bizarro Sephiroth and the brutally taxing and inappropriately named Safer Sephiroth who is anything but!

These two battles have gone down in history due to their intensity and difficulty. And who can forget the battle music? Oh, that glorious battle music!

If you want any chance of beating Sephiroth you will have to have a maxed-out party and go all out on your materia and equipment. Even then, it will take you several attempts to win. I lost count.

M. Bison From The Street Fighter Series

M. Bison first appeared in Street Fighter II but his popularity ensured that he is a recurring villain throughout the series.

M Bison From Street Fighter on Playstation

Being one of the central antagonists of the series, M. Bison’s primary objective is to use Shadaloo, his covert crime syndicate, to control the World’s government.

In Street Fighter II, characters have to battle it out in his fighting tournaments and get to fight him in the last leg of the fight. 

As the game series progresses, many characters like Chun-Li, Ryu, Cammy, T. Hawk, Rose, and Guile develop personal vendettas against Bison. Their main purpose for entering the tournament was to seek revenge on him.

Bison’s most powerful move is to wield his inherent evil energy, “Psycho Power.” Throughout the series, he gains a varied number of powers. In Street Fighter EX, he could hold off a projectile attack and teleport. It earned him a new throw, which later featured in Street Fighter IV.

If he had only appeared in SF2, perhaps he would not have made this list but his flexibility to be seamlessly dropped into any Street Fighter since, cements his status as one of the best bosses in video game history.

Psycho Mantis From Metal Gear Solid

Psycho Mantis, the psychic expert, first appeared in Metal Gear Solid. Before becoming Psycho Mantis, he was Tretij Rebenok.

Psycho Mantis From Metal Gear Solid

Tretij’s story begins in one of the facilities in Moscow, where Soviet researchers took him. Here he shared space with the comatose Volgin. After a series of events and fighting along with others, he became a part of Liquid Snake’s Foxhound Unit.

He came looking for a job in America after the Soviet Union collapsed. Before working with Foxhound, he was a part of the KGB and the FBI.

He is a master of manipulation with the distinct psychic ability of telepathy and psychokinesis. Such powers allow him to reach into the deep abyss of the human mind and read their thoughts. His telepathic ability seemingly allows him to predict your every move.

Dracula From Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

While Dracula or Dorakyura Vurado Tsepeshu is based on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, Castlevania cranks everything up a notch. Dracula is a magician, as well as a vampire.

Dracula fight From Castlevania Symphony Of The Night

In the game series, he is the main antagonist, and he appears to be the final boss in almost all the installments.

In the Castlevania trilogy, Lords of Shadow rebooted; he plays one of the notable characters. However, in the Mirror of Fate game, his role alters to the classic supporter with significant changes to his origin.

The new version of his story sees him becoming a part of the holy order and turning into a vampire Dracula after eventually falling from grace.

Upon your first encounter, Dracula is not such an intimidating character with flowing purple hair. He can teleport from one part of the screen to another.

Other forms of his attack include the firing of fireballs from his cape. The “HellFire” and “Dark Inferno” attacks fire massive and meteor-like fireballs.

Like with other bosses on the list, that is not even his final form as he can morph into an even more powerful, demon-like dinosaur or dragon. And you will have to beat them all.

Nemesis From Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis recently got a modern remake complete with high-definition graphics and some game design overhauls. But whether you try your hand at the remake or go with the classic 1999 game, Nemesis will haunt your dreams.

Nemesis fight From Resident Evil 3 on the Sony PlayStation

On our return to a Racoon City decimated by ravaging zombies, we meet what has to be one of the most daunting, inexorable, and frightening characters in all of video game history.

Those brave enough to venture ever deeper into the hellish landscape that is Resident Evil 3, will face Nemesis up to 8 times before the final encounter. That is 8 encounters with a towering, ravening, slavering, nigh-unkillable, and murderous behemoth.

What is Nemesis? Nemesis is a bio-organic weapon. Nemesis is the result of the Umbrella Corporation’s hell-bent attempt to wipe out any surviving S.T.A.R.S members and anyone else who knows too much about what is actually happening in Racoon City.

Nemesis looks almost human when you first encounter him, albeit with too many teeth. However, you must prepare your eyes, and your stomach, for its final form.

There are tons of slimy tentacles, oozing pustules, slavering mouths, rotten flesh, sharp teeth, and bulging eyes involved. It’s equal parts disgusting and terrifying!

And who can forget the ending? When you manage to beat Nemesis you are rewarded with a giant megaton bomb to evaporate Racoon City!

Do you have a favorite boss battle on the original PlayStation? Let us know, you might see them on a future list.