TIME Magazine named it one of the 100 Best Toys In History. It has been in near-perpetual production for over four decades, made appearances on such hit shows as The Big Bang Theory, and taught an entire generation of kids the value of hard work.

It’s Hasbro’s Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, a piece of pop culture bric-a-brac that has gone on to become one of the most coveted collectibles among Peanuts fans. Even if it was a major pain to use.

Let’s take a look back at this iconic confectionery contraption…

Who Invented The Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine?

The idea behind the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine was first conceived by designer Sam Speers back in the 1960s. While working at Hasbro, Speers developed the Frosty Sno-Man Sno-Cone Machine.

Kids would stuff ice cubes into the top of Frosty’s head and then turn a crank on the back. This would then result in chunks of shaved ice being spit out through the machine’s gaping belly, which kids could use to fill small paper cups and flavor with some included sweetener. 

Hasbro would even encourage would-be entrepreneurs to turn around and sell the sno-cones to their friends and family with the help of an included sales sign. Not a bad idea for those looking to hock something a little less commonplace than lemonade on those hot summer afternoons!

Frosty Sno-Man Sno-Cone Machine toy from the 60s

The Frosty Sno-Cone Machine was an ice-shaving success and the product stayed in circulation well into the 1970s. However, the higher-ups at Hasbro soon saw an opportunity for a change.

The Peanuts Phenomenon

By 1967, Charles Schulz’s Peanuts characters were everywhere. There were Peanuts cartoons and a weekly comic strip. There were plush dolls, nightlights t-shirts, and TV trays.

In fact, Peanuts was so popular that dedicated boutiques were eventually set up in local department stores across North America for the sole purpose of managing the sheer volume of its merchandise!

Of all the Peanuts characters, however, it was Snoopy the dog who remained the favorite.

Charlie Brown’s black and white beagle was once the most popular licensed character in the industry – topping even the likes of Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Tom And Jerry. Thus, a revamped sno-cone machine featuring the popular pup perched on top seemed like a golden opportunity for the Hassenfeld Brothers and their little toy company.

A Snoopy Snow Cone Machine for sale with the box

A deal was struck with the Charles Schulz Creative Development Corporation. Frosty was phased out, Snoopy was brought in and a toy store titan of near-biblical proportions was born.

Snoopy Snow Cone Machine
441 Reviews
Snoopy Snow Cone Machine
  • Make a tasty treat with ice cubes & flavor pack

Yum, Yum Frozen Fun 

In similar style to Sam Speers’ original Frosty machine, kids would put ice into the top of Snoopy’s doghouse. They would then break a sweat cranking the handle at the back until the ice was shaved down to the proper sno-cone-sized consistency.

You would then use a handy little shovel to scoop the shavings out of the cylinder opening at the front of the doghouse and fill up the included paper cups before adding your flavor of choice.

Like I said, this one really taught kids the value of hard work. And yet, while it was a real labor-intensive task for them just to get even the smallest cup of ice, the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine was a sales success unlike any other.

Referred to as an “annuity” by Hasbro CEO Al Verrecchia in 2004, the machine sold so well that it stayed in production at the toy company for over 30 years. However, that is not where this story ends.

Back side of the Snoopy Ice Machine with the red shovel

Production Of The Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine Changes Hands

In 2012, toy and craft company Cra-Z-Art took over the production of the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine. Making a near-identical copy of the Hasbro original, this new version now features a hand crank that is much easier to turn and a clamp to secure it to a table when in use. 

And yes, this new version still includes that little red shovel.

Cra-Z-Art continues to manufacture the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine to this day, and as I mentioned above, the little contraption continues to be a favorite among Peanuts fans around the globe.

Craft and hobby stores ranging from Michaels to Trader Joe’s seem to keep it in stock constantly, with factory fresh offerings available on the shelf.

For those looking for a more convenient means, several online retailers and auction sites also carry the machine and prices do not tend to deviate too far from what can be found in stores.

However, if you’re looking to add a vintage example to your collection, loose ones can be had for around $75 – $80. However, if you ask this writer, that seems just a bit too steep for little more than aching biceps and a cramped hand. But, I digress.

Bottom line, there are plenty of options out there for those looking to add this iconic little piece of Peanuts history to their collection.

Snoopy Snow Cone Machine
441 Reviews
Snoopy Snow Cone Machine
  • Make a tasty treat with ice cubes & flavor pack

Love Ya, Snoopy!

What exactly is it about the vintage Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine that appeals to so many people?

Is it the charm of that lovable little beagle sitting atop his doghouse? Or, perhaps the convenience of being able to enjoy your favorite frosty treat away from the hustle and bustle of the food court? Who can say for sure? However, one thing is certain. Even after more than 40 years in circulation, that popular pup still holds a special place in our hearts!

Love ya, Snoopy! Don’t ever change!

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