31 Of The Best Toy Commercials From The 80s!

Best 80s Toy Commercials

I remember a time when the toy commercials were as exciting to me as the TV shows I watched. They had loud music, flashing images, and the characters I loved.

Of course, the advertising agencies knew I would love these commercials too as they were targeted directly at me and the millions of other kids sitting in front of their television on a Saturday morning watching cartoons while hyped up on a bowl of sugar.

Gees, even the stations knew it as instead of just cutting to commercial they would wrap the “event” in exciting bumpers, remember this

Or how about this one

Regardless if we knew we were being marketed to or not, some of those toy commercials from the 1980s  shaped our childhood just as much as the shows we watched so let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit

31 Of The Best Toy Commercials From The 80s!

Lite Brite

Stretch Armstrong

My Buddy & Kid Sister Commercial


Mad Balls 

Teddy Ruxpin

Pogo Ball

My Little Pony

Pound Puppies

Roller Racers

GI Joe

Strawberry Shortcake



Easy-Bake Oven




Skip It

Mr. Potato Head

Slip and Slide

Hot Wheels

Power Wheels



Care Bears

Rainbow Brite

Play-Doh Mop Top Hair


Rubik’s Cube

Guess Who

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