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  • Best TV Cars Of The 80s

    5 Best TV Cars Of The 80s

    TV Cars have been popular for as long as TV has been around. People used to watch their favorite TV heroes, mimicking their styles, fashion statements, dialogues, and even cars. The poster game was high during those times and car posters were surely one of the best sellers. Hell, I remember have car posters and […] More

  • 5 Best Animes From The 80s

    5 Best Animes From The 80s (That Still Hold Up Today)

    Anime in the 80s was Japan’s best-kept secret. Sure there were some cartoons that made it over, but movies were hard to find if you were a kid, and there was no internet to even let you know what to look for. Most good animes would remain hidden to the mainstream for several years until […] More