Imagine trying to identify the Lopez now from the one who worked in some of the best episodes of “Saved by the Bell” (30 years ago). This is really a lot more difficult than one would think.

He looks pretty much the same, and it begs the question, does Mario Lopez ever get older?

Yes. Of course Mario Lopez gets older. The 46-year-old actor ages just like the rest of us. He just does it better.

It seems that Mario takes the famous saying that “age is just a number” seriously. Now the million-dollar question here is, what exactly does Mario do to look like a 40 something-year-old teenager?

No one knows, but we came up with a few ideas. Here are some possible reasons

Why Mario Lopez Looks So Young

A Time Machine

The extent to which Mario is defeating the aging process indicates that Mario may have managed to invent a time machine.

Perhaps it forms some type of time-slowing bubble around just him, or maybe he goes back in time every night and grabs one of his younger selves to replace the current Mario.

It’s pretty clear,  that Mario is not only a great actor and entertainment journalist but also an exceptional scientist.

He’s A Robot

Ok, so there is no physical proof of this but it does explain a lot. Robots of course do not age. If they are maintained properly, they can survive for hundreds of years and look just as fresh as the day they were created.

Is Mario Lopez a robot?

This could be why over the last 30 years, we only see Mario pop up from time to time then disappear again for a while. He’s in the shop getting upgrades and maintenance.

My guess is the Mariobot was built sometime in the mid-80s as a Hollywood experiment to reduce costs by replacing actors. Did it work? Who knows. It could be that every new actor you see on screen is a Mario 2.0 robot.

A Secret Elixir

If the above two reasons are not true, then it may be an ancient anti-aging elixir. Perhaps it was handed down to him through the generations of a secret Lopez society.

Or maybe it came to him in a dream. When he awoke he must have remembered those ingredients and now he is using the concoction to secretly stop from getting old.

But what is in this elixir? Wouldn’t we all like to know?


Could it be there is a warehouse somewhere in California with rows and rows of Mario’s just ready to go? That would explain a lot. A collection of identical copies all trained and ready to spring into action at any time.

We all remember Dolly the sheep, right? The first known mammal to be successfully cloned. That all happened in 1996. Which is just around the time that Mario stopped aging. Coincidence? I think not!

Black Magic

Is Mario Lopez a vampire?

The final possibility is black magic. If it is not one of my previous suggestions, black magic would be the last possibility. If a person has not changed for 25 to 30 years, then what else can one say except the possibility that Mario knows and uses black magic.

A spell, a ritual, a sacrifice? At any other time in history, he might have been burned at the stake for witchcraft.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be asking too many questions, just in case.