While the 80s were the golden age of cartoons, the 90s did not go without their fair share of hits. And just like in the 80s the cartoon creator knew their target demographic and focused in heavily.

There were cartoons for young, cartoons for old, cartoons for boys, and cartoons for girls. So in “post-Transformers” universe, what is a boy to watch?

Everything, of course. Growing up, we did not have any bias. We got our cartoon fix any way we could. So these are the

90s Cartoons For Girls, That Boys Secretly Watched

Hello Kitty and Friends

Hello Kitty is an iconic cartoon character instantly recognizable all over the world. There are several series and movies about Kitty. In the 90s, it was Hello Kitty and Friends that captured many young girls’ (and boys’) hearts.

Hello Kitty and Friends Cartoon from 1991

Unlike other cartoon series that ran from channels like Disney, Hello Kitty and Friends was exclusive to home video in Japan from 1991 to 1995. However, the cartoon was made available to the US and Canada in 1997.

Hello Kitty and Friends is about a young kitten. Kitty and her twin sister, Mimmy, live with their parents. Kitty and Mimmy had an undeniable cuteness, which the kids could not resist.

Every episode of Hello Kitty and Friends involves some quintessential friend character, which was magical for children. Kitty loves her many friends, which is something that every kid can relate to.

The Powerpuff Girls

This animated series had a long run from 1998 – 2005. It had a total of 78 episodes, 2 Shorts, 2 Related Specials, and 1 Related Movie. 

There is no shame in admitting it. Regardless of gender, this action-packed, empowering, and entertaining cartoon series has been a favorite for many people. 

The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon from the 90s

For years Cartoon Networks’ favorite show was the Powerpuff Girls that all 90s kids relate to even today. Picking the ideal color or character is another fun activity when watching the show.

According to the story, Professor Utonium was a genius but was lonely and childless. He created his perfect little girls using a mixture of everything cute, spice, and sugar. However, during the creating process, the professor accidentally added too much of one ingredient. The ingredient was “Chemical X.” The excess component ended up giving the perfect little girls powers of Superman.

Each episode rated highest for Cartoon Network’s demographic. It became the highest-rated premiere in the channel’s history during its time. 

The content, story, and fight scenes were iconic. It appealed to both female and male viewers. It did not matter that the characters were all girls and dealt with sibling rivalries, bed wetting, etc.

Sabrina: The Animated Series

Based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, it aired from 1999-2000. 

Sabrina the Animated Cartoon Series

It was a spin-off of the popular live-action series Sabrina the Teenage Witch from 1996 – 2003.

The show was such a massive success that, in 2002, the movie version Sabrina: Friends Forever came out. Sabrina’s Secret Life was the spin-off series that followed from 2003 – 2004.

The story follows the 12-year-old teenage witch who attends a middle school. She lives with her paternal aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman, who are also witches. Salem Saberhagen is her loud-mouthed black cat who is a hilarious addition to the lot. All the characters collectively advise Sabrina on how to use her various magics.

The series revolves around the typical teenager issues in middle school. It also shows how Sabrina uses her magic to do good and get out of difficult situations.

It may be a girly-girl show, but many male viewers also find the concept interesting. The various ways she handles problems with magic is another entertaining factor that intrigues both male and female viewers.

My Little Pony Tales

Ok. So I had no business watching MLP in the 90s.

This cute animation about seven girl ponies was an absolute hit, not only for girls. My Little Pony Tales had a short run on the Disney channel from August to December 1992.

My Little Pony Cartoons

The cartoon series follows Starlight, Melody, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Clover, Patch, and Bright Eyes. The anthropomorphic girl ponies live like humans and enjoy going to school, ice cream shops, and roller skating, and even go on dates with male ponies.

What made My Little Pony Tales so popular is that it celebrates friendship. In addition to their distinct symbols, the ponies also have a unique personality, which makes them so relatable. Furthermore, the experiences of the preteen ponies are also something that interested younger children.  

Of course, the cute animation also contributes to the show’s overall charm, making them very appealing to young girls, and boys.


Madeline is another cute “girly” cartoon that was a hit in the 90s. It aired on the Family Channel for two seasons, each with ten episodes. An additional 14 episodes were also aired in 1995. However, there was a change in the name of the show to The New Adventures of Madeline.

Madeline Girls Cartoon from the 1990s

The cartoon is about a young girl in a boarding school in Paris. At around six years old, Madeline is the youngest in Miss Clavel’s boarding school. Madeline has a mischievous personality, landing her into trouble very often.

What makes Madeline so adorable and relatable to young girls and boys is her curious nature. Despite all the stress she causes, the young redhead always comes out all right in the end.

Mona the Vampire

Another iconic cartoon that girls and boys loved in the 90s is Mona the Vampire. The cartoon is a joint venture of three countries, France, Canada, and China. This children’s show first went on air in 1999 in Canada, and the last season was aired in 2002.

Mona the Vampire Cartoon

This show is about Mona, a ten-year-old girl, and her friends, Lily Duncan and Charley Bones. Mona also likes to call herself Mona the Vampire.

Similarly, her friends also like to refer to themselves by fantastical names such as Princess Giant and Zapman. Mona’s cat also has a wild name, Fang. The group is always tackling or solving something supernatural in every episode.

The reason why Mona and her friends was a hit among kids is their adventures. It is no secret that children have vivid imaginations and watching Mona and her friends tackling an enemy or solving a supernatural mystery is something most children can’t resist. The best part is that every imaginary experience has a logical explanation, which made the cartoon much sought-after.

Sailor Moon

No child in the 90s did not watch Sailor Moon. This shojo manga originally came from Japan and was made into a TV show that aired between 1991 and 1997. Sailor Moon continues to capture the hearts of viewers all over the world.

Sailor Moon is the best girls cartoon of the 90s

Sailor Moon follows the adventures of Usagi Tsukino, an ordinary schoolgirl. However, she also transforms into Sailor Moon as she begins her search for Legendary Silver Crystal, an artifact with magical powers. Luna (her talking cat) is the one that enables the young schoolgirl to become a superhero destined to save the world.

The magic of Sailor Moon goes beyond the show dabbling with magic. Young girls, boys, and adults alike could not get enough of the young hero soldier because of her bravery and beauty.

An assembly of young and good-looking heroes made for an enchanting combination.

What has now grown into full-out phenomena, the popular TV show has successfully branched out to many formats, including books, novels, movies, and even live-action.

Perhaps the 90s did not give birth to as many classic cartoons as the 80s, But we still had our super heroes trying to protect planet earth from the powers of evil, their stories became more complicated and mature.

And that’s a good thing.